Useful articles and links

For a useful article about Stability Regulations: click here

AMSA have determined international best practice for PLBs and EPIRBs, publishing guidelines: click here

  • Boat owners should dispose of their expired flares and EPIRBs at selected police stations. Contact your local police station for specific locations. We have found that not all police and local police stations are aware of this and have confirmed the following police stations will take expired flares: Williamstown, Prahran

Preparing for your Safety Audit Document: click here

Transport Safety Victoria, particularly Safety Equipment Requirements: click here

Victorian Recreational Boating Safety Handbook: click here

"Transiting the Rip": an article written by ORCV Member, Nick Mcguigan and published in the 2010 edition of RBYC Short Tacks: click here.

For more articles see the "Useful links" menu from "Beyond the Bay": click here

Keel and Rudder Inspections

For the latest on Keel and Rudder inspection requirements please click here 

Incidients and Reports

1979 Fastnet pdf click here (4.82 MB)

1995 Melbourne to Burnie yacht race, return passage pdf click here  (153 KB)

1998 Sydney to Hobart pdf click here (1.12 MB)

1999 Isle of Wight, Wahoo fatality: pdf Click here (1.05 MB)

2000 BigBayRace-Spirit of Downunder, fatality Coroners Report pdf click here

2001 NSW Coast Training Vessel RISING FARRSTER, Loss of Keel, Fatalities Coroners Report:  pdf Click here  (1.79 MB)

2002 Excalibur Capsize, Fatality: pdf click here (2.21 MB)

2004 Association Cup ADAM'S DEN-fataility pdf Click here  (26 KB)

2007 Hooligan V-loss of keel and subsequent fatality: pdf Click here (641 KB)

2009 Flinder Island Yacht Race, PWC Shockwave report: pdf Click here (4.11 MB)

2009 Ella's Pink Lady collision Bulk Carrier Silver Yang: pdf Click here  (6.25 MB)

2010 Cork Clipper Grounding on reef with loss of vessel: pdf click here (118 KB)

2010 RPAYC Bird Island race MOB First Light: pdf Click here (187 KB)

2011 Chicago Yacht Club-Race to Mackinac Island “Wingnuts” Fatality: pdf click here (1.26 MB)

2011 Lion Report, MOB harness and drowning : pdf Click here (2.41 MB)

Lion related tests: Click here

2011 Capsize of Yacht Ramber 100 off the Cork Coast: pdf click here (6.47 MB)

2012 Farallones Race - Low Speed Chase Capesize   pdf click here (5.94 MB)

2012 ORCV Port Fairy Yacht Race: Inception Incident Report: click here 

2012 ORCV Port Fairy Yacht RaceInception Rescue by Grant Dunoon Skipper of Trybooking: pdf click here (88 KB)

2013 Islands race: Uncontrollable Urge in Rudder Loss, gounding 1 fatality pdf click here (3.33 MB)

2014 Yacht Cheeky Rafiki report, loss of yacht and fatality:  pdf Click here (7.34 MB)

2014 Volvo Ocean Race, Vestas Wind incident report, click pdf here (2.93 MB)

2016 Platino report: pdf Click here (1.68 MB)

2016 RYCV Brass Monkey Winter Series-An S80 will always right itself: pdf click here (273 KB)

2017 Capella Lightvessel Race FEBIMA Report pdf click here (3.46 MB)

2017 Clipper Round the World Race, Clipper CV30 Report, MOB fatality:  pdf Click here (3.47 MB)

2017 Clipper around the world race, MAIB investigation into Tether Failure on the Clipper Race: click here

2018 Bunbury and Return Ocean Race: Finistere report: pdf Click here (3.43 MB)

2018 SYC Association Cup Yacht TOP GUN MOB fataility: pdf click here (115 KB)

2019 King Island Return Passage, Arcadia pdf click here (727 KB)

Marine Incident Reporting Bodies

Australian Sailing Yacht Race Incident Reports: click here 

Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) UK click. here

US Sailing Click here

Marine Casualty Investigation Board Ireland click here 

Maritime New Zealand click here