Go out “Beyond the Bay” - “Live the dream with confidence”
Ideal for Cruisers and Bay Racers


Have you often thought about what it would be like to sail in Bass Strait or head off to Queensland or the Pacific? It could be just around to Westernport for the weekend, or around the many fascinating islands off Tasmania, or to venture further up the east coast to warmer waters in the winter months. 

Have you contemplated joining fellow club members who venture out past the heads in various ORCV Ocean Races over the warmer months to Apollo Bay, Port Fairy, King Island and even further to Devonport or Hobart in late December? Perhaps you dream of doing an Osaka.

Is the only thing holding you back the uncertainty of what you need to know to get your boat and crew ready, or the additional things to consider as a skipper?

The ORCV "Beyond The Bay" program is designed to give you the necessary information and practical skills to help you plan and complete an overnight cruising passage or participate in a race. This includes exiting and returning through Port Phillip Heads, with the assistance of a guiding mentor, and includes organised sailing events, including the Overnight Navigators Challenge and Latitude event.

160 people have completed the program so far and several have headed to Queensland as a result or competed in some of our Ocean Races, one getting on the podium at Osaka, another winning the Offshore championship. They enjoyed the program and it gave them a huge amount of confidence plus the opportunity to participate with support not far away. 

The program is limited to forty spots, so book ASAP. To register and for more information, visit the Overview & Schedule page.

 BTB photo 2014