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Crew Compliance

With larger fleets and more crew, there will be greater reliance on skippers and crew co-ordinators to follow up on missing crew data.  We can all help by checking our own data.

The ORCV utilises three external databases during the course of our racing and/or training events. Please check and update your information and prepare for the upcoming races.

  1. Top Yacht – for sailor profiles to check crew compliance for our races.
  2. Australian Sailing Revolutionise Sport – for ORCV membership, Australian Sailing accredited Safety Sea and Survival Certification and checking Australian Sailing Numbers and that your crew are members.
  3. Australian Maritime Safety Authority – for checking Personal Locator Beacon Registrations.

To update your Topyacht Sailors Profile - please click here 


Check your Top Yacht Information

ORCV encourage all our offshore category 2 and 3 race crew to keep their Top Yacht profiles up to date with current contact information, sailing experience and ensure all necessary information required for crew compliance is complete in your Top Yacht My Self profile. We’ve written a guide on how to access and update your Top Yacht profile for ORCV races

Check Your Australian Sailing Contact Information

When you become a member of an Australian Sailing Affiliated Club you are registered in the national system, are set up with an online profile and receive an Australian Sailing Number.

ORCV recommend all our members, crew and training participants, log in to your mySailor profile with Australian Sailing and check your details are correct.

Keeping this information up to date will assist when trying to register for an Australian Sailing Accredited course such as ORCV’s Safety & Sea Survival Course (SSS).  It is the crews responsibilty to update their SSS on their Topyacht profile.

When you land on the mySailor Login page you will find useful information to assist you to access your profile. If you are having difficulty logging in, click here to go through to Australian Sailing Number Help page.

If you are still unable to log in to check your details (often the case if you no longer have access to the email address in your profile), click here to email Australian Sailing for further assistance.Check

Your Australian Sailing Number

To check your Australian Sailing number, your number’s active status or if you have multiple Australian Sailing numbers, click here.

Fill in the First name and Last name fields only to see if you have multiple Australian Sailing numbers.

If you are a member of more than one club, you should see all your current organisations listed under your Australian Sailing number when you click the INFO button to the right of your name.

If you are a current member of a club and cannot find your Australian Sailing number, your number is listed as ‘inactive’, or you have more than one Australian Sailing number please either contact your club directly or message Australian Sailing here.

Check your PLB Registration Status

Each crew member is required to carry a registered Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) during a Category 2 race. Your PLB HEX ID must be included in your Top Yacht MY Sailor Profile for your boat to be compliant. ORCV does a currency check of all PLB’s as part of our crew compliance check.

Check your PLB registration status here

Register your beacon or update your beacon details here


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