HUSH Crew by Nick McGuigan

Crew Fees

All non-members participating in ocean races will pay a crew fee. The crew fees are outlined in the Notice of Race and are the order of $60 for Devonport, Hobart, Port Fairy, Stanley, King Island, $50 for Apollo Bay and each coastal sprint.  There is an additional fee paid by all of $60 for crew in the Hobart to cover the additional mechandise items.

In addition, if a crew member is not a member of another Australian Sailing Club, they will need to also pay for a temporary membership via an Ocean Pass ($60) for each Ocean Race which is in addition to the crew fee.

Eliminate crew fees by Joining the ORCV.  Join now and enjoy Membership benefits until 30th September 2023.

Ocean, Coastal & Bay Passes

These passes are required if you are not currently an active member of an Australian Sailing Club and provide you with a temporary Australian Sailing Number and insurance for 1 race.   

A ORCV Bay Pass & Coastal Passes, covers you only for that day of the race. 

The ORCV Ocean Pass covers you for the race and a set number of days after the race for your delivery home.  Ocean passes are in addition to any crew fees. Check the Notice of Race for details.

We do recommend becoming an ORCV member which eliminates the need for any Pass and also crew fees.  Membership starts at $125 pa with membership taking you through 30th September each year.

Ocean Passes

Please select the race you require an Ocean Pass for.  Crew fees will be in addition to your ocean pass.

2022 Melbourne to Devonport click here

2022 50th Melbourne to Hobart click here

2023 Melbourne to King Island click here 

2023 70th Apollo Bay race click here

Coastal Passes

Coastal Sprints & Coastal Passage click here

Bay Pass

For the Cock of the Bay, Double Handed, Winter Series and Overnight Challenge click here for your Bay Pass

Save on crew fees and passes by becoming an ORCV Member

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Photo credit:  Nick McGuigan