Ocean Racing Club of Victoria
Steb Fisher

The Ocean Racing Club of Victoria

An Overview

The ORCV conducts five or more ocean races every year in or across Bass Strait, plus the long distance Melbourne to Hobart Races via the West and East Coasts of Tasmania.

During Winter, while ocean racing is somewhat weather restricted, the ORCV uses its resources to run the long standing ORCV Winter Series comprising of six races on Port Phillip, plus a passage race from Melbourne to Geelong in Spring.

The ORCV also conducts a range of training and education courses each year that have particular relevance to ocean racing. These comprise of course work, practical hands-on workshops and regular training tours, such as the ever-popular Rip Tour, a guide to and explanation of, the various hazards and navigation aids at the entrance to Melbourne's Port Phillip (commonly referred to as The Bay).


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3 Aquatic Drive, Albert Park VIC 3206 Ph. 0493 102 744 E. orcv@orcv.org.au