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Port Fairy Rally  AN INVITATION FROM THE COMMODORE The ORCV invites suitable ocean-going yachts to join us in a Rally to Port Fairy. Join the Rally Here  Port Fairy, one of Victoria's earliest settlements, is a charming village, frozen in time, boasting wide streets lined with nineteenth-century cottages, great Norfolk pines and old stone churches. Join us in the fun as we...

Port Fairy Race & Rally plus West Offshore Product Coastal Sprint 3 Open for Entries With International and Interstate travel very tricky at the moment, we've heard you in that you just wish to get away and just sail more.   The ORCV has released two more sailing options for your enjoyment and invite you to join us. Port Fairy - Race or Rally Join the race to Port Fairy or...

ORCV Members and Friends TeamO Special Offer Modern lifejackets, how they have evolved! ORCV is pleased to announce our partner Adventure Safety is now selling the TeamO back tow life jackets, a jacket that is being used more and more globally in today's Ocean Races. It is the only lifejacket with integrated harness on the market with Back Tow Technology. The BackTow lifejacket is the only life...

Smiles all round on Coastal Sprint For many, the West Offshore Products Coastal Sprint is a Category 3 race for the more seasoned skipper to test their crew and boat or for a newer skipper to build their confidence before taking that next longer passage. What a perfect day it turned out to be for race 2. With light winds at the scheduled start, ORCV Race Directors shortened the course and...

Onboard White Spirit Step onboard and be part of the crew of White Spirit and re-live it as they prepare, sail the Cock of the Bay, work out tactics and race across Bass Strait to Devonport to try and win the Rudder Cup. Gear on, radio check done, let's go. White Spirit - over and out. Thanks Aaron Hudon for your video

Planning for a Race  Article by Rod Smallman Earlier this year the ORCV asked us to provide comments in a possible race to the Pacific.  I started to imagine escaping Melbourne in winter and going somewhere warm, possibly Noumea.  I thought I'd share my thinking and planning.  I am intending on participating in this event when it's announced and, as part of my initial...

A Race is the best way to get to where the cruise begins For a race when the appointed time begins, you go whatever the weather and start time. After arrival however it is a different story, the return home can be planned for as many stops as required and to any destinations desired. The thrill of cruising is firstly ‘getting there’ and secondly ‘having a look round’, and thirdly enjoying...

Upcoming Events

20/21 King Island Rally

Friday, 5 Mar 2021
Time: 08:00 pm - 08:01 pm
Location: The Heads, Port Phillip Bay

20/21 Melbourne to King Island

Saturday, 6 Mar 2021
Time: 01:45 am - 05:00 pm
Location: The Heads, Port Phillip Bay

20/21 Melbourne to Port Fairy Race

Friday, 2 Apr 2021
Time: 05:30 am - 05:31 am
Location: The Heads, Port Phillip Bay

Rip Tour of Port Phillip Heads

Sunday, 11 Apr 2021
Time: 01:15 pm - 04:10 pm
Location: The Heads, Port Phillip Bay

20/21 West Offshore Products Coastal Sprint

Saturday, 24 Apr 2021
Time: 09:30 am - 09:31 am
Location: The Heads, Port Phillip Bay

June Safety & Sea Survival Course Refresher (1 Day)

Sunday, 6 Jun 2021
Time: 08:15 am - 05:00 pm
Location: Wesley College