Annual General Meeting

Dear Members,

We invite you to the Ocean Racing Club of Victoria Annual General Meeting. It will be held online on Tuesday, 26th September 2023, from 7.00 - 8.00 pm.

The club continues its strong financial and activity level.  The General Committee will update you on the year that was and will provide an insight into the year ahead. Trophy presentations were held at our Annual Presentation and Awards Night in June.

We look forward to the annual general meeting of members; details of how to join the meeting will be provided after 5th September 2023.

Cyrus Allen 
ORCV Commodore

Meeting Link

Join the Teams meeting online via this LINK

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FAQ's on Voting Online.

How will I join the online AGM?

You will be provided a Teams link via email, allowing you to join the meeting.  The session will open early to familiarise yourself and test your audio settings. You can then grab a refreshment ready for the meeting to start on time. 

If you're new to the MSTeams software, it is recommended that you watch this video for an introduction to how to use it .

Download the app now and be ready when the AGM starts:

How will electronic voting work?

Seven days before the meeting, if elections are required, you will receive an email from the online voting system, Election Buddy. To be eligible to vote, you must be a financial member of one of the voting membership types.

The email will include a link to a website with a unique identifier for each member.  Members click on the link and are presented with a form similar to a manual voting slip. To clarify the instructions for voting of Ordinary Committee Members, ElectionBuddy requires selecting a minimum of 1 and up to 5 candidates; however, they are not numbered. Voting to adopt the Auditor and Honorary Life membership is a simple Yes/No selection. 

Once submitted, the link to vote can no longer be used, preventing multiple electronic voting.

What if I still need to receive the email with the link?

It is possible that some members may not receive the email link due to the spam settings on either their computer or that of their internet provider. If a member does not receive a link, the returning officer can send the link to an alternative email address, ensuring the email arrives. Also, could you check your spam folder.

How secure and how anonymous is electronic voting?

A General Committee Member and Returning Officer will monitor the system. The software has several options, and those chosen by the club provide the highest level of security and anonymity with the electronic process. 

All votes are entirely anonymous - not even the Returning Officer can see how an individual member has voted. Scrutineers will be able to see who has voted, but not how they voted. The ability to see who has voted allows for checking potential duplicate votes.

When will the voting outcomes be announced?

All votes will be tallied and announced at the AGM meeting.

Who can Vote?

  • Only financial members can vote at the elections and AGM
  • Only the following categories are eligible to vote:
    • Senior Members
    • Youth Members (18 years and over)
    • Honorary Life Members
    • Outport Members