Ocean Racing Club of Victoria

Training at ORCV

The ORCV offers a range of training courses, transferring knowledge and providing hands-on practical experience for those considering offshore sailing and racing.



In pursuing the ORCV objective of developing and expanding the sport of ocean sailing and racing, we conduct training and education courses in order to:

  1. Satisfy prescribed sailing requirements,
  2. Transfer accumulated skills and knowledge of its members,
  3. Provide practical and hands on training with equipment and
  4. Supply education in areas of application relevant to blue-water sailing.

All ORCV training activities specifically relate to ocean sailing and racing, particularly where there may be barriers to entering this domain. They are designed to provide supplementary training, which compliments other available sailing training from commercial training organisations.

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3 Aquatic Drive, Albert Park VIC 3206 Ph. 0493 102 744 E. orcv@orcv.org.au