Ocean Racing Club of Victoria
Steb Fisher

ORCV 2023 Ocean Racer of the Year

ORCV Shenandoah II Ocean Racer of the Year award recognises individual achievement or excellence in Ocean Racing. The achievement is not limited to racing success. It may be in the form of a contribution to Ocean Racing in Victoria over several years in areas including, for example, sailing, navigation, boat preparation, race management, rescue, or incident recovery.

Ron White and the Family of Shenandoah II presented the ORCV Ocean Racer of the Year Perpetual Trophy.


Perpetual Trophy Winners

Smaller Ocean Racer of the Year

Paul Buchholz, Skipper of eXtasea, Ocean Racer for the Year 2023 Photo Steffen Pedersen / Little Viking Productions

2023 Paul Buchholz
2022 Not Awarded
2021 Not Awarded
2020 Angus Fletcher
2019 Grant Dunoon
2018 Rod Smallman
2017 Justin Brenan
2016 Laurie Ford
2015 Robin Hewitt
2014 Rob Date
2013 Rik Head
2012 Paul Buchholz
2011 Phil Spry-Bailey 
2010 Nicholas McGuigan
2009 Neville Rose
2008 Rosie Colahan
2007 Shane La Peyre / Albert Doggett
2006 Robyn Brooke
2005 John Williams
2004 George Shaw
2003 Peter Blake 
2002 Bill Rawson

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