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Richard Bennett

Final Reminders – 2023 Melbourne to Hobart

Skipper’s briefing – December 23rd, 4.30 pm

Will be held at the Sandringham Yacht Club (SYC) Training room. The skipper plus one other must be in attendance. Trackers and race/crew merchandise will be available for pickup. The briefing includes a weather forecast.  As per the NOR, crew changes need to be made by midnight on December 23.  The ORCV Office will close midday on Friday 22nd.

Race day Weather Briefing on December 27th, 7.30 am

As per the NOR, this is a mandatory briefing for skipper and crew members and will be at BYS and online via this Teams link Click here to join the meeting

To qualify you must register with your name and boat name when you join either in-person or via Teams.

Sharing Images - Photo Competition

Help us create great memories of this race for you and encourage others to join the races.

Please join the 2023 Hobart Whatsapp group to share your experiences and photos. 

You can also send a message via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via Facebook.  Best images received by 5pm on January 2nd will go in the running for some great Ronstan gear worth $250. Don’t forget to also tag us on Facebook @orcv or Instagram @orcv_racing

Trackers – Turn on After the Ronstan Cock of the Bay

Please turn on your trackers on December 26th as you complete the Ronstan Cock of the Bay. It is your responsibility to check they are tracking by  9 am on the 27th.  Call 0418 396 605 if needed.

Will you join the 10+ Westcoaster Club this race?

Will this race be your 10th Westcoaster? Robin Hewitt's trophy awaits your name (if it's not already there). Please drop us a note with the races and dates. Get in contact with us to let us know please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Berthing at Blairgowrie (after the Cock of the Bay) - December 26th

If you are staying over at BYS after the Cock of the Bay, please ensure you have

  • If you have booked for dinner, the buffet will commence at 6 pm.
  • Marina passes (at BYS) are with Jeff Sloan 0417306449
  • Fly your battleflag for Hobart upon arrival too please and check your tracker is working.
  • Please ensure you drop passes back into this box BEFORE departure.
  • Departure is 10 am on the 27th.
  • Breakfast on the 27th – The BYS canteen will have Egg and Bacon rolls and coffees etc from 7.30 am for you.
  • Wifi Password, showers etc and all you need can be found here
  • Contact Details BYS Tower – VHF71 Sailing Office – 5925 9620 Marina Office – 5925 9611 BYS Reception – 5925 9600 + 5
  • Please DO NOT berth in empty pens as they could be members of BYS and this causes all sorts of issues. For those rafting, please bring fenders and follow directions upon arrival, you may be directed to a different rafting location on the day.
  • BYS Marina Map can be found here 

Berthing allocations for those staying over.

  • Alex Team Macadie. D61
  • Cadibarra  C60
  • Faster Forward. C62
  • Jaffa. C61
  • Lord Jiminy - Public Jetty
  • Peccadillo. A/B THead
  • Ryujin. C64
  • Santana. C65
  • Vertigo. B62
  • White Spirit. E41

Think Clean Oceans

“If we all do our bit, it’s better than one person doing everything perfect all the time.”

Let’s work together to make this race sustainable in all we do.

Before, During and Post race, we ask all crews and supporters to consider what you take on board, how you can reduce disposable plastics and other consumables, and use items that can be recycled and reused.

  • Tips for what crew can do onboard - click here
  • What can be recycled when in Hobart, be surprised and check this out
  • Sail / Rope Recycling Post Race – Let us Upcycle them, drop off at the ORCV Van.

If you have sails or rope that are no longer of use, leave them at the ORCV Van for upcycling. We are diverting materials from landfill by sending sails are to Recolab – local Tasmanian creator of unique bags, and rope is going to Castaway Textiles – an artist who creates homewares and art from rope pollution found on beaches and discards from other activities.

Look for these signs at ORCV van:

Van signs for upcycling

Share and Win - Share what steps you’ve taken to be more sustainable and the swaps you’ve made in this race. Include some pictures and a short amount of words of these changes. Send photos and words to the whatsapp media (above), make sure you include your boat and crew name.

Winners will be announced on January 2nd in the afternoon and win one of the 2 fabulous prizes (Duffel or Tote bag) from Recolab made from the Jib from Stefan Racing in the 2022 Sydney to Hobart.

1st Prize Jetstream Gear bag perfect for airline carry on and day gear valued at $165

Jetstream gear bag

2nd prize Seabreeze Shopper tote valued at $90

Tote Bag

Hobart Berthing

Please come prepared with fenders for some rafting. We ask that you follow exactly the directions given with where you will be berthed. It’s a well-thought-through plan and we need to fit in a lot of boats.

  • When you arrive, please be patient. Listen to Radio Frequency – channel VHF 09
  • Follow directions and berth where directed please.
  • Prepare your declarations, work out if you will keep your trackers, tidy up if you need to wait.
  • We will meet each boat with your gear and would like to take photos of your crew.
  • We will be passing out your yellow caps in Hobart.
  • Put up your battleflags (and the additional Willie Smith one to be supplied upon arrival)
  • Quarantine bags – please ensure you place any fresh fruit and vegetables into the bags and seal them and pass them back to your race team. This is your time to also sort your rubbish into recycle or not to assist our ground crew.
  • Rubbish Bins – there are rubbish bins on the dock, please ensure you use them and remove your rubbish from the float docks / condock.
  • Recycle, Sails, Rope and seperate and check what can be recycled (Link Above)
  • Presentation – 5pm on December 31st in the Race Village at Elizabeth Street. All competitors and supporters are welcome. Wear your race gear and yellow caps.
  • Have your photos in for the competition by 5pm on 2nd January (see above) for how to submit.
  • Berthing Procedure below – is an indicative and is subject to change

From the DSS Team - Procedure for Berthing


  • We will be mingled together with the Launceston to Hobart fleet on Elizabeth St Pier and the Pilot Dock at this point.
  • Mooring allocations will need to be dynamic and evolve based on arrival order. We will have that plan as we understand finishing orders.
  • Final positioning is not negotiable and will not be subject to debate.
  • If we do not follow our plan, we definitely will not fit everyone
  • Process
  • Finish Race
  • Take your time and pack up
  • After finishing DSS1 or the Dockmaster will call you on VHF 09 and confirm mooring area or we will try to meet you and avoid the need for radio comms.
  • DSS1 will find you and escort you to your designated area.

If on Elizabeth Pier South

  • Positioning is critical – follow dockmasters direction
  • Bring plenty of fenders
  • Bring a long bow line for European style berthing
  • Outside boat of a 3-boat raft will need to provide x2 spring lines to put to the outer moorings in order to control the raft up.

If on the Pilot Dock

  • Positioning is critical – follow dockmasters direction
  • Bring plenty of fenders
  • Outside boat of a 3-boat raft will need to provide x1 line to control the raft up.

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3 Aquatic Drive, Albert Park VIC 3206 Ph. 0493 102 744 E. orcv@orcv.org.au