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Dave Hewison

Wicked Persistence and Strategy for the Win 

It was an absolutely glorious winter day for the Discount Yachting Winter Series Race 3 from Brighton to Sandringham. The race commenced with 34 boats, clear blue skies and winds of 8–10 knots. There was a spectacular display of spinnakers as the fleet came down the course. Just as Carrera S rounded the last marker, the wind diminished, challenging the pace and extending the finish line on the water. While many retired early, many tenaciously pressed on, determined to reach the finish line. Ultimately, it was Gerry Cantwell and his skilled crew sailing Carrera S, a Marten 49, who secured line honours. 

Congratulations goes to Mark Welsh and the crew of Wicked SM4, a Beneteau First 40, for their victorious performance in the Division 1 AMS, ORCc, and PHS. Mark shared his insights into their winning strategy, stating, "we decided to keep her moving through the light patch," highlighting the crew’s willingness to take risks and keen observation for the “inshore breeze, right near the dolphins and seal”. 

Wicked Crew Photo Wicked WICKED crew persistence paid off today.  Photo Wicked Crew

ORCV extends our congratulations to all the skippers and crews for their remarkable participation and perseverance in today's race. A special acknowledgment is reserved for Mark and his crew of Wicked, whose impeccable performance today resulted in a clean sweep of victories. 

We are also grateful to the dedicated race management volunteers from RBYC, SYC, and ORCV, whose hard work and commitment made today's race possible. 

Next up is the Discount Yachting Winter Series Destination race to Geelong on the 19th of August.  

Casual entries are now open and will close at midnight on the 16th of August 2023.  

Top 3 Provisional Race Results for Race 3 by Class and Divisions: 

AMS Division 1 

  • 1st Wicked 
  • 2nd Suprise 
  • 3rd No Mans Land 

AMS Division 2 

  • 1st Onyx 
  • 2nd Pegasus 
  • 3rd Boomer 

AMS Division 3 

1st Le Cascadeur 

ORCc Division 1 

  • 1st Wicked  
  • 2nd Suprise 
  • 3rd Carrera S 

ORCc Division 2 

  • 1st Onyx 
  • 2nd Pegasus 
  • 3rd Alien 

ORCc Division 3 

  • 1st Le Cascadeur 

PHS Division 1 

  • 1st Wicked 
  • 2nd Arcadia 
  • 3rd Suprise 

PHS Division 2 

  • 1st Pegasus 
  • 2nd Boomer  
  • 3rd Onyx 

PHS Divisions 3 

  • 1st Le Cascadeur 

Cruising Non Spin

  • 1st True Colours 

Double Handed Division 1 

  • 1stXenia 

Double Handed Division 2 

  • 1st Streetcar Racing 
  • 2nd Maverick 

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