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Discount Yachting Winter Series Race 1:

An impressive victory for Ari Abrahams’s Fargo 

Race 1 of the Discount Yachting Winter Series proved to be a test of skill, determination, and resilience for skippers and crew of the twenty-seven yachts who took part in challenging winter conditions on Port Phillip. The 28 nautical mile race started with strong northerly winds between 22-25 knots and by mid-race, more than half of the fleet opted for spinnakers as they raced towards the bottom mark with northerlies gusting to 28 knots. 

Towards the end of the race, competitors were met with a heavy rain squall which was luckily short lived with sunshine following. Despite the challenging conditions, all participants showcased their expertise and passion for winter sailing. 

Congratulations goes to Ari Abrahams and his crew claiming line honors and winning AMS Division 1, ORCc Division 1 and PHS Division 1 sailing Fargo, the recently launched high performance Melges Ic37.

Fargo Photo Dave Hewison

Ari Abrahams and his crew of Fargo Photo Dave Hewison

Ari commented after the race, "It was a challenging day, very windy and cold. With the northerly winds, it was flat at the top but very lumpy at the bottom of the race." Expressing satisfaction with the performance of Fargo, Ari added, "We are very happy with how it performed and are now feeling ready and excited to be taking it up to Hamilton Race Week.”

Overall, Race 1 of the Discount Yachting Winter Series provided an intense and challenging race for skippers and crews, who exhibited exceptional seamanship, teamwork, and determination. 

Wicked Photo Dave Hewison

Wicked Photo Dave Hewison

Congratulations to all skippers and crews for their remarkable performances, and a special acknowledgement to Ari Abrahams and the crew of Fargo for their exceptional achievement. 

We extend our gratitude to the RBYC volunteers, ORCV race management volunteers and dedicated photographers at Dave Hewison Photography who captured the thrilling moments of this memorable series.

Race 2 to Blairgowrie is open for entry and closed at midnight on Wed 5th July here https://www.orcv.org.au/winter-series

Top 3 Race Results for Race1 for Class and Divisions  

AMS Division 1

  • 1st Fargo
  • 2nd Wicked
  • 3rd Ginan

AMS Division 2

  • 1st Vertigo
  • 2nd Pegasus
  • 3rd Alien

AMS Division 3

  • 1st Le Cascadeur

ORCc Division 1

  • 1st Fargo
  • 2nd Wicked
  • 3rd Surprise

ORCc Division 2

  • 1st Pegasus
  • 2nd Alien
  • 3rd Maverick

ORCc Division 3

  • 1st Le Cascadeur

PHS Division 1

  • 1st Fargo
  • 2nd Wicked
  • 3rd Surprise

PHS Division 2

  • 1st Pegasus
  • 2nd Vertigo
  • 3rd Alien

PHS Divisions 3

  • 1st Le Cascadeur

2nd Spirit of Freya

Double Handed Division 1

  • 1st Xenia

Double Handed Division 2

  • 1st Maverick
  • 2nd 2UP

Double Handed Division 3

  • 1st Spirit of Freya

For full results click here https://www.orcv.org.au/results/2022-23/



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