Offshore Championship jury decision is published

The ORCV referred the decision on the awarding of the Offshore Championship to an independent Australian Sailing jury.

An ambiguous Notice of Race was published, this was due to an administrative error where the correct updated NoR document was never posted.  The are no excuses, the ORCV apologises to all affected parties and has taken steps to ensure this never happens again.  The result was that the published document could be interpretted in different ways, with each interpretation resulting in a different winner of the championship.

To be fair to all parties, the ORCV referred the issue to an independent Australian Sailing jury for determination.  The results of the determination are publically available, refer ORCV Offshore Championship Request for redress decision.

Congratulations to the winner for three years in a row, Daniel Edwards and the crew of White Noise for taking out the 2017-18 ORCV Offshore Championship.  Daniel is a fiercely competitive skipper with a great crew and it is a well deserved win.  The final series results will be published as part of the AGM, we hope to see you there to help celebrate Daniel and his team's achievements.