Ocean Racing Club of Victoria

King Island Race 2023

There’s something super special about King Island that brings us back year after year. With the race just around the corner and starting in daylight on Friday 10th March at 5pm, I invite you to experience this amazing destination race and to the land of meat, cheese and rugged beauty. 

Grassy Harbour offers safe anchorage in all weather and the race is part of the ORCV Offshore, Double Handed Championships and Australian Ocean Racing Championship (AORC).

For those who haven’t been to King Island, it’s the perfect ocean racing distance of 114 nm and combined with the amazing hospitality of the King Island Boat Club community - it’s the perfect destination. 

If you or your crew need to refresh or top up on Safety Sea and Survival qualifications, we are running a course on February 12th to cater for King Island crews. 

Please note berthing is limited and we do expect the race to reach the maximum of 40 entrants quickly. Confirm your place in the race by entering today and take advantage of early bird entrant price.

 What could be better than King Island crayfish and cheese pic courtesy ORCV

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3 Aquatic Drive, Albert Park VIC 3206 Ph. 0493 102 744 E. orcv@orcv.org.au