King Island Race History

Donated by the Municipality of King Island, the Queenscliff to Grassy 1st Overall Trophy is awarded the the measurement category which has the greatest number of entries. 

Year Boat Skipper
1973 Four Winds SW Gibson
1974 Destiny II GF Chapman
1975 Pajen FW Short
1976 Apollo II RK Thurston
1977 Aquila BW Edmunds
1978 Apollo II R&I Thurston
1979 Apollo II R&I Thurston
1980 Pirra  S Shield
1981 - (No Race Held) -
1982 Audacious L Massoni
1983 Morning After  
1984 Predator D Milliran
1985 Damel Chas Jacobsen
1986 Indian Pacific Chas Jacobsen
1987 Indian Pacific Chas Jacobsen
1988 Bacardi Bacardi Syndicate
1989 Prime Suspect R Kenyon
1990 Daffra Sunscreens H Hertzberg
1991 Scorpion N Sedawie
1992 Cotton Blossom II E Barron
1993 Shenandoah II R White
1994 Prime Example C McSorley
1995 Stampede  
1996 Bacardi G Ainley/ J Williams
1997 JLW Chutzpah B Taylor
1998 Hi Jack J Parkinson
1999 Bacardi G Ainley/ J Williams
2000 By Order of the Secretary       R Billings/ J Porter
2001 Bacardi G Ainley/ J Williams
2002 Cadibarra N Jones
2003 Bacardi G Ainley/ J Williams
2004 Bacardi G Ainley/ J Williams
2005 Rough Red Robinson/Schenk
2006 Living Doll M Hiatt
2007 Spirit of Downunder L Ford
2008 Georgia G Ainley/ J Williams
2009 Extasea P Buchholz
2010 Magic Carpet D Coates
2011 Scarlet Runner R Date
2012 Calm J van Derslot
2013 Scarlet Runner R Date
2014 Primitive Cool J Newbold
2015 Scarlet Runner R Date
2016 A Cunning Plan M Chew
2017 Hartbreaker T Walton
2018 Hartbreaker T Walton
2019 Under Capricorn B Carreto
2020 White Noise D Edwards
2021 White Noise D Edwards.                      

   Municipality of King Island Perpetual 1st Overall