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Changes to the Special Regulations

Before any discussion around Australian Sailing Safety regulations, we remind boat owners that they are obliged to also meet the State Government's legislative requirements for marine safety.  Refer here for Maritime Safety Victoria Boating Requirements and here for their fact sheet which includes an equipment list.  Sometimes they have additional/differing requirements, eg liferaft/dinghy for >12m coastal or off shore.  We also remind people about the need to have a strong Safety Culture.

Australian Sailing and ORCV Special Regulations

For the latest Australian Sailing Special Regulations, click HERE.  Australian Sailing also publish Interpretations, click HERE .  Keep an eye on Australian Sailing's Safety Information Notices too.

For Keel and Rudder Inspections click HERE

ORCV Special Regulations

The NoR for most ORCV offshore races includes a series of amendments to the Racing Rules of Sailing, handicap requirements and, importabtly to the minimum standards set out in Australian Sailings Special Regulations. These changes are summaried in the ORCV Special Regulations.

ORCV Special Regulations Applicable from 15 September 2022





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