Safety culture

We want a safe and fun sport. Just about everything the ORCV does is focused on that. Australian Sailing provide a list of minimum standards for boats and crew. The 1998 Sydney to Hobart taught the yachting community that it is not enough just to have the equipment, you need to know how to use it. We want people to take on a culture of safety, not just do the minimum to comply. 

Look at your boat, consider your crew, particularly novices. Consider your race or trip- are your crew up to it? Is the boat well maintained? Even though the Australian Sailing equipment list says you don't need something, maybe it's a good idea to carry something anyway. 

For example "Anchor chain: The minimum says 10m of chain for my boat and 2m for the spare anchor."  "2m really, that's not enough I think. Maybe I'll take 2 lots of 10m". 

That is the culture of safety we want to see at the ORCV, not just a "meet the minimum" culture.