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Steb Fisher

2023 Rudder Cup Photography

Thank You and Prizes


A heartfelt thank you to everyone who contributed to the vibrant memories of the 2023 Melbourne to Devonport Rudder Cup! 

We are grateful to have received hundreds of images from the thrilling moments captured by supporters at the start and finish line to breathtaking drone footage expertly crafted by Tom Hodge Media, professional shots generously donated by Al Dillon, and many delightful skipper and crew snapshots shared throughout the journey. 

The photography over the weekend was nothing short of outstanding, with dolphins and whales dancing in Bass Strait, stunning shots of boats cutting through waves, the infectious spirit of crew shenanigans and camaraderie, and who could forget the magical Aurora Australis!

These memories define the essence of ocean racing and the Rudder Cup. Not only does your participation help strengthen the bonds that tie us together as a club and ocean racing community, but your visual narratives help to inject life and energy into our media page. For this, we are incredibly grateful.

With so many amazing photos, it was too difficult to select just one winner, so we have selected six winners for this round.

Congratulations to the following prize winners:

Australian-Made ORCV Branded Neck Warmer Made from Victorian Merino Wool:

  • Tim Metherall
  • Christie Hamilton
  • Peter Dowdney

Rudder Cup 2023 Red Cap

  • Chris Howe
  • Belinda Duivenvoorden

2 x 4mm Soft Shackles donated by Sandy Soft Shackles and Rigging (locally made and owned in Victoria)

  • Lillian Stewart

We invite everyone to join future WhatsApp photo-sharing groups for races. Keep an eye out on our race reminders pages for the details of these groups as they are created. The next group will be for the West Offshore Product Coastal Sprint Race on 25th November 2023. We look forward to seeing your images!

christie hamilton dylan at helm of faster forward sunset 1

Dylan at the Helm of Faster Forward by Christie Hamilton 

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