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Photo credit: Chris Howe, EXTASEA

Melbourne to Devonport Race Updates and Tracker Link

Following the race: https://race.bluewatertracks.com/2023-melbourne-devonport-rudder-cup

Melbourne to Devonport, ‘Rudder Cup,’ Australia's oldest ocean race, is honoured as the ORCV race that runs on the "Melbourne Cup" long weekend. With a start off Queenscliff, the fleet is racing to Devonport to be greeted and kindly hosted by the Mersey Yacht Club.

Current Race Record:

19h 32m 56s by PROWLER in 1998


Race Director Update Saturday, 4 November 10.20pm 

The first boats have just arrived in Devonport. eXtasea has taken Line Honours and the Margaret Holmes Kerr Perpetual trophy for the 1st Monohull yacht to cross the line. Peccadillo our multihull has also finished.
The winds as expected, softened as the change came through and are expected to build slightly with the remainder of the fleet now doing good speeds and are predicted to be all in early morning and hopefully by 3am Sunday.
From all predictions, they will arrive quickly making it a long and busy night for our volunteer Race Director team, Martin, David & Rik.
It’s not over yet and a little way to go so things can change. Currently, overall predictions from Blue Water Tracks have:
  • Ginan leading Patriot and Cadibarra on AMS.
  • Ginan, leading Patriot and Rush on ORC
  • Carrera S leading Ginan and White Spirit on PHS
  • Joker X2 leading Spirit of Downunder on Double Handed.
We say farewell to Vagabond who is heading back to Melbourne with all onboard OK.
We will be posting as boats finish but you too can keep an eye on the fleet by following the tracker https://race.bluewatertracks.com/2023-melbourne-devonport-rudder-cup


Race Update Saturday, 4 November 2023 at 6:00 pm:

Extasea and multi-hull entrant Peccadillo are 16 nautical miles from the finish, with Carrera S and Rush chasing.
It's been a challenging day of sailing for the fleet across Bass Strait. As predicted, variable wind strengths and direction have made it a very tactical race.

While it could be anyone’s race, the current leaderboard suggests Ginan AMS and ORC Divisions (aka Rudder Cup champions) | Vagabond PHS Division | Joker X2 Double Handed.

Race Update Saturday, 4 November 2023 at 2:00 pm:

Winds are becoming lighter as the fleet sails closer to Devonport. Tasmania may be in sight, but there is still a lot of sailing to go!

Peccadillo leads line honours in the multihull division and Extasea the monohulls. Both yachts have now sailed into a large patch of light winds yet have Tassie in their sights! With approximately 40 nm to go, Carrera S and Rush follow closely, about 10 nm behind. Most of the fleet is still sailing with a good wind but has light winds ahead...

Leaderboard shows Arcadia leading the AMS division | Kioni leading the PHS division | Ginan leading the ORC division | Joker X2 leading the Double-Handed division.

Race Update Saturday, 4 November 2023 at 7:00 am

Extasea is leading the fleet, followed closely by multihull entrant Peccadillo, flying along at 16.2 knots! Carrera S currently leading the AMS and PHS divisions, and Rush is leading the ORC divisions, close behind.

Most of the fleet has the same tactical plan so far. Steering a starboard tack and heading East of rhumb line. Ginan is taking a more Easterly course; we will see if that pays off.

Race Update Friday, 3 November 2023 at 6:00 pm:

The fleet started in a 15-knot southerly breeze and is now sailing across Bass Strait to Devonport in the 195 nautical miles 2023 Melbourne Devonport 'Rudder Cup'



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