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Volunteer and Make a Difference in Sea Safety Training at ORCV

At the ORCV, we take sea safety and survival very seriously. That's why we rely on a dedicated group of trainers who generously volunteer their time and expertise to run our renowned sea safety and survival course. We invite all yacht club members to become a part of this incredible initiative and help us continue to deliver a course that has been trusted by many for over 20 years.

Our volunteers are not just experienced sailors; they are passionate individuals who want to make a difference and stay connected to the sailing community. Whether you're an active sailor or someone who no longer sails but wants to be involved, we welcome you to join our team. By sharing your knowledge and experience, you'll be contributing to the safety and well-being of our members at sea.

Why volunteer with us? It's an opportunity to give back and create a positive impact. When asked, here’s why Bruce, Lucio and Andrew give their time.

“I also volunteer with the Sailing Committee which is very technical getting all the sailing instructions and races ready, so the SSS offers a different practical dimension and when I’ve looked around, the ORCV SSS is the best around.” Andrew McConchie

It’s the little things that I can share and people are always so grateful for what they learn.....It’s an opportunity to give back and pay forward where it’s welcomed to share our knowledge and experiences and it’s great to be amongst those who I’ve sailed with for years“  Bruce Reidy

SSS Volunteers

There's some experience in the group of Assistant Trainers

Our sea safety and survival course is a channel through which you can make a real difference in the sailing community. By imparting crucial skills and knowledge, you'll be empowering fellow sailors to navigate the seas with confidence and competence.

Not only will you be enhancing the safety of our members, but volunteering with us is also a fantastic way to build friendships and connections. You'll become part of a tight-knit community of like-minded individuals who share a common passion for sailing. It's an opportunity to forge new relationships, learn from others, and create lasting memories both on land and at sea.

Ready to get involved and make a difference? We encourage you to reach out and become part of our volunteer team. To express your interest or ask any questions, please email us at training@orcv.org.au. We can't wait to hear from you and welcome you into our community of dedicated trainers.

Join us today, and together, let's build a strong sailing community on land while ensuring our members stay safe on the open seas. Volunteer with ORCV and be the reason behind safer and more enjoyable sailing experiences for all.


SSS Trainers (L-R) Noel, Don, Paul, Simon (backrow) missing Martin & Neville

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