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Two Amendments to Australian Sailing Special Regulations

Attention all crews heading offshore, there are two amendments to Australian Sailing Special Regulations.  For a complete copy of the Australian Sailing Special Regulations including all amendments to date, click here

Special Regulations 6.01, Safety & Sea Survival (SSS) Qualification.

There is now a limit of 2 years on expired Safety & Sea Survival Certificates and renewing via the Refresher course bringing it in line with World Sailing.  Prior to this amendment there was no limit on the time between using the refresher course to renew your expired certificate.  Click here to read the Special Regulation 6.01

Medical Kits

Medical kits amendments will transition boats over 4 years to a modular system.

Read the Australian Sailing notice of these changes here https://www.sailingresources.org.au/news/amendments-to-the-special-regulations which has some FAQ's and a link to the Special Regulation amendment here 

The brief outline of these changes as explained by Australian Sailing is here 

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