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Spotlight on Volunteer: David Schuller

David wears multiple hats as a Race Director, Incident Management Team (IMT) member, and General Committee (GC) member whose commitment stems from believing every member should contribute to their club, regardless of the role’s size. He saw volunteering as a vital way to give back and enhance the community. For the past two years, David has been an integral part of the ORCV, channelling his energies into ensuring race safety and managing incidents during races. In his dual role as Race Director and IMT member, David ensures races run smoothly and safely. This involves meticulous planning, managing incidents, and upholding the club's safety standards.

Volunteering at ORCV isn’t just about service but personal growth. David revels in applying his skills in areas aligned with the club’s activities, enriching his professional expertise while having a blast. One of David's standout experiences was contributing as Assistant Race Director for the 50th Hobart, a demanding yet incredibly rewarding role that underscored the immense value of dedicated volunteerism. Volunteering has reshaped David's perspective on ocean sailing, highlighting safety, compliance, and risk management. This newfound lens has enhanced David’s approach to racing personally, blending newfound insights with his love for our sport.

Volunteers like David are instrumental in the ORCV’s future, serving as part of the next-generation team for Race Direction and the IMT, showcasing a commitment to the club’s sustained success. David advocates for delivering on commitments, emphasising the importance of dedication and reliability. He highlights the significance of teamwork and the joy of being part of a cohesive unit. David offers a simple yet powerful message to those considering volunteering for the first time: “Take that first step. Embrace the opportunity to contribute and make a difference.”

David embodies the spirit of selfless dedication and skilful contribution at ORCV. His journey as a volunteer is not just about fulfilling roles; it’s about fostering a community that thrives on collective efforts and shared experiences. 

David Schuller

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