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Shimmer sparkles, but Patriot shines in the first race of the West Offshore Products Coastal Sprint.

The West Offshore Products Coastal Sprint Race 1 delivered a glorious sunny day of sailing, with impressive performances on the water. Conditions proved fast and furious, with wind speeds reaching up to 30 knots towards the end of the day. This created a challenging environment for sailors, including four early but safe retirements, highlighting the intensity of the race.

Jason Close and his crew on Patriot emerged as the stars of the day, securing top positions in the AMS and ORC handicap categories. Shimmer and Cadibarra also showcased their prowess with impressive racing today, with Shimmer as the top performer in the PHS category.

Speaking to Jason after the race, he acknowledged “Shimmer’s impressive sailing,” noting that they “kept them on their toes.” Jason was “pleased with the race”. He said that “Patriot’s focus continues to be on teamwork and perfecting processes” in the lead-up to their entry into this year's Syndey Hobart.

The course was ideal, offering a balance of upwind and downwind sailing and some thrilling reaching segments. The last boat to cross the line was a little after 4 p.m., perfectly timed for the slack water at the Heads. The race also welcomed several new faces to the sailing scene, with boats like Kioni, Liberator, and Skullduggery making their mark.

ORCV expresses gratitude to everyone involved in today's race. Special shout-outs go to Chad Humphries, who tirelessly worked through compliance and crew details this week, and to our fantastic volunteer Race Directors, Martin Vaughan and Ray Shaw. We are excited for the next thrilling Coastal Sprint on the 25th of November, 2023, and a reminder that Coastal Sprint results also form part of the ORCV Coastal Championships and the 38 South Yacht Sales Double-Handed Championships.

Provisional results:

AMS Overall:
1st: Patriot
2nd: Shimmer
3rd: Cadibarra

ORC Overall:
1st: Patriot
2nd: Shimmer
3rd: Cadibarra

PHS Overall:
1st: Shimmer
2nd: Patriot
3rd: Cadibarra

1st: Maverick

If you would like complete results, please click here. 


Photo: Patriot crew shot by Jason Close

Patriot Crew CS1 23 LHonours

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