Ocean Racing Club of Victoria
Steb Fisher


2022 the Year of 50th's.

In 1972, the ORCV launched two new races, the King Island Race and the Melbourne to Hobart via the West Coast.

Now 2022, we celebrate the anniversaries of these two iconic races.  King Island and Hobart (Westcoaster) 

Known for its meat, cheese and tides.  Our race to King Island high on the list of many a sailor and some say the steak sandwich at the end is worth the trip.  

Entries are open for the King Island race here 

Often described as four races in one, the Melbourne to Hobart takes you down the West Coast of Tasmania, where the rugged beauty, large rolling swells have had our avid sailors coming back to take on the Westcoaster.   Join the 50th race which starts on December 27, 2022 here 


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