January News

Sail long enough and you're sure to have had a leg where all factors conspire against you: wind, tide, waves, competitors, sheets coming out of cleats, passing motorboats, knots coming loose, everything!

That's what 2020 was like for the ORCV organisers of our sailing and training events. But, determined to exhaust every opportunity to get our sailors on the water and trained, the ORCV team has been working hard over the past months and have put together a great sailing and training calendar for you. Highlights include;

In addition, the ORCV is launching a new concept 'ORCV Yacht Rally'. Developed by ORCV race veterans, the ORCV Yacht Rally aims to bring the best of professional race team support and route planning to the participating cruising yachts and is run in parallel to each of our ORCV destination races. Each rally will have a support boat that will chaperone the rally fleet to and from the destination. For the ORCV it's all about the balance between sailing, exploring, travelling and socialising.

The ORCV Yacht Rally is an adventure, not a race and is designed to build confidence through experience for boat owners and their crews, providing a pathway to sailing in ORCV Races and further afield.

The first ORCV Rally is set to start 6 hours before the ORCV King Island Race on 6th March. For more information about the ORCV Rally please contact Grant Dunoon on 0402 993808, see the website or click here.

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