Learn Expedition and then Join Will Oxley on a Masterclass


Historically, the role of the navigator was to know where you were and to keep the boat in navigable water. Today the modern navigator's role needs to comb through a myriad of information available today and making sense of it to be able to put your boat in the best position to take advantage of the up-coming conditions.

The ORCV has two new online navigation courses using Expedition software. Course 1 covers the basics. Course 2 builds on the basics.

For anyone who has mastered the foundations of Expedition, you are invited to join the Masterclass with Will Oxley. Learn what it takes to win an ocean race.

Book and learn more about the courses https://www.orcv.org.au/training/navigation

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Will Oxley Master of Navigation

Will Oxley, Master of Navigation.  Photo Amory Ross.