ORCV Support for the ORCc Handicap System

Australian Sailing has been actively promoting the ORC Club (ORCc) handicapping system during the past month and this has stimulated discussion within the local clubs.

ORCc system is a relatively cheap (standard price $90p.a.), simplified version of the ORCi rating calculation which is based on a data-intensive Velocity Prediction Program. Based on currently available data, the ORCc handicap performs similarly to the AMS system and perhaps somewhat better than IRC.

The ORCV will support the use of validated ORCc handicaps on a conditional basis. 

ORCc handicaps are available based on "owner declared measurements" supported by "comparable boat" data, or as validated certificates using information supplied by accredited measurers.

In line with other Victorian Clubs, the ORCV has decided that it will introduce an ORCc Handicap Category based on validated ORCc handicaps, including weighed boat, subject to a minimum of 4 starters in that Category. Trophies in such races will include PHS and the two most popular measurement Handicap Categories. Australian Yacht Services have indicated that they will make measurement equipment available to support the required measurement of boats who cannot attend the annual "measurement day" conducted at SYC each year.