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ORCV adoption of the Australian Sailing Membership Protection Policy (and appointment of the ORCV MPIO)

The ORCV General Committee voted to adopt the Australian Sailing Membership Protection Policy (MPP) for its members and participants. This policy is consistent with the ORCV rules. This document clarifies how the ORCV has implemented the Australian Sailing MPP for the ORCV.

Since all ORCV members and all ORCV race participants (a requirement of an ORCV Notice of Race) are members of an Australian Sailing affiliated club, the Australian Sailing MPP was considered relevant and fit for purpose. It includes a code of behaviour, which all participants are expected to abide by. It seeks to “prevent all forms of harassment, discrimination, and abuse and to promote positive behaviour and values.”

Critical aspects of the ORCV’s implementation of the MPP are noted below:

  • The MPP extends to all participants in ORCV events, not just ORCV Members. This includes staff, volunteers, sponsors, race and training participants, guests, and supporters.
  • The General Committee appoints the ORCV Membership Protection Information Officer.  The General Committee has been appointed to this role, Tim Fowler. If there is no MPIO appointed, the ORCV Commodore fulfills that role.
  • The MPIO may appoint an investigation working group, ideally gender-balanced in sexual misconduct or gender-based harassment. The working group will investigate, find facts where it can, determine whether the complaint is substantiated, and recommend actions arising.
  • All complaint matters will be kept confidential (between the MPIO and the investigation working group) throughout the investigation process and will remain confidential unless found substantiated.
  • The Investigation report will be provided to the ORCV Commodore for process oversight and approval of recommendations. 
  • The working group may request from Australian Sailing an advisor, typically their MPIO. In such cases, they may receive some details of the complaint, which will remain confidential. The Australian Sailing MPIO will also determine whether escalation to the Australian Sailing CEO is necessary.
  • Recommendations of a general nature, for example, process improvements, will be provided to the ORCV General Committee and/or Australian Sailing.

To discuss an issue you may have or to make a complaint, please get in touch with our MPIO, Tim Fowler, via 0432 033 314

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