Sundance Yachts, the ORCV and the new Foiling Figaro3

The Figaro class yacht, manufactured by Beneteau, has been around since the early nineties in Europe and has provided the training platform for many serious ocean sailors over the years.

Recently, Beneteau announced the latest incarnation of this class, the Figaro 3, which incorporates a pair of lateral foils. The boat meets ISO Cat A requirements so is capable of ocean racing and will be an exciting addition to the Melbourne sailing scene.

Sundance and the ORCV have recently combined forces to establish a Figaro 3 fleet in Melbourne. Beneteau will supply the boats and the ORCV will organise the racing program, consisting primarily of the ORCV Winter Series and a selection of Bass Strait races.

See for more details.

See video below of the Beneteau Figaro 3 on the water.