Overnight Navigator's Challenge Scores

Winter Series 2019 - Race 5

14 boats competed in the 2019 ORCV Winter Series, Race 5, the Overnight Navigator's Challenge. 

A race with a difference, where the crews pick their course, sailing as fast as they can to different points across the bay.  The challenge, planning your course which favours your boat and predicted weather then working as a team throughout the night.  Each boat starts at 12 midday on Saturday and finishes at Hobson's Bay Yacht Club 9 am Sunday.  Points are awarded based on the distance covered with points deducted for being early or late in finishing.  The points are then multiplied by the handicap.   For this race, the highest points score wins. 

Congratulations go to:

Rod Smallman and crew on Maverick 1st on IRC & PHS and
Peter Davison on Arcadia, 1st on AMS
Ron Parker, Jessabbe 1st on Beyond the Bay Division.

What a great Winter Series it's been. 

We thank all the competitors, volunteers, mentors (for Beyond the Bay groups) and clubs for their ongoing support.  

Jessebee Crew Nav Race

Crew of Jessabbe

Yacht Name Skipper AMS IRC PHS BTB
ARCADIA Peter Davison 131.87   133.26  
AUDERE John Cain   111.68 128.57  
BLUE CHIP Ian Lewis     105.05  
CA BOUGE Aaron Marlow     123.36  
E'TOILE John Gordon     92.01 101.24
FASTER FORWARD Matt Fahey 113.58   121.24  
JESSABBE Ron Parker     105.99 105.99
MARIE GRACE Paul Darcy     87.90 87.90
MAVERICK Rod Smallman 131.80 117.80 140.95  
NEXT STEP Russell Hibbert 118.95   127.02  
SAGACIOUS Tony Cope     93.47 93.47
SKULLDUGGERY Garry McCarten     107.09  
VAGABOND Andrew McConchie 124.87   132.72  
WICKED Mike And Mark Welsh 117.87 105.30 118.61