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Steb Fisher

Five Starting Tips that Contribute to Running a More Sustainable Boat

To all who have a love for the environment and our oceans: "Save the ocean, protect your passion and make an impact", is the message from all of us at the ORCV.

Behind every ORCV race, there is a dedicated clean oceans team paying attention to important details of keeping plastics out of the oceans. During the recent Apollo Bay Race the ORCV team organised a fundraising activity to raise awareness of how, as a community, we all can make changes to keep plastics out of the ocean. The Club has had a long-held an interest in supporting ocean conservation, so it was a natural fit.

Change only happens when people like us get together and act for an initiative we care about.  Here are five starting tips that can contribute to running a more sustainable boat:

1. Use reusable water bottles over plastic bottles
2. Take food in reusable containers or use reusable silicone Ziplock bags (if food needs heating or re-heating)
3. Use the boat's cutlery/plates over disposable ones
4. Consider what food you take on board
5. Recycle post-race

Recognising ORCV's 'Keep plastics out of the ocean' efforts in the last Melbourne to Apollo Bay Ocean Race, the global organisation, Sailors for Sea awarded a Gold Certification for sustainability of an event to the ORCV - the only Australian entity to receive a Gold Certificate in 2019.

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Sailors for Sea organisation Co-founded by David Rockefeller Jr. and Dr David Treadway in 2004 is headquartered and is headquartered in Newport Rhode Island and works to engage the boating community in the worldwide protection of the oceans. Through its Clean Regattas and Ocean Watch programs, as well as its Green Boating Guide, the organisation successfully motivates boaters to become environmental stewards.

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