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2024 Apollo Bay Race Updates

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3 pm Race Update 25 May 2024

At 3pm with the winds still light, it’s Rob Date’s Carkeek ‘Scarlet Runner’ still in the lead ahead of Ginan and expected to cross the finish line around 3.45pm, taking line honours of this challenging race.

Handicap honours is narrowing through a number of retirements and a larger section of the fleet which includes Alex Team Macadie, How Bizarre, Joker X2, Alien, Toecutter, Valient and Cadibarra further off the coast hopeful of finding some favourable winds to bring them home.

3pm fleet shot

With the expected lighter winds, during the week Race Management via Notice to Competitors made provisions for yachts to declare and swap from 'racing' to 'cruising with spinnakers' and use their motors when the wind speed is below 6 knots. Upon arrival, these boats will be part of the race's cruising division, with adjustments made to their race time based on formulas which consider the use of a motor.

Robyn Catherine

Race Directors onsite - L-R Catherine North,  Robyn Brooke just after the Sked at Addis Point

Our Race Directors, Catherine North (lead) with Robyn Brooke (assisting onsite) and Ray Shaw (assisting and starting the race), have the fleet constantly monitored throughout the race and their journey home. It's a big day for this crew so let's give them 3 cheers please.

1.30 pm Race update 25 May 2024

As the winds soften as predicted the leaders' boat speed has dropped to 2 knots. As the retirements have started to roll in, other crews are enjoying being out on the water, the magnificent coastline, the friendly locals and warmth of the autumn sunshine.
Photo Tom Sturt - the locals

12 pm - Race Update 25 May 2024

Winds have dropped significantly with only 3 knots from the East being reported as the first of the crews pass the Great Otway National Park approaching Apollo Bay. Rob Date and the crew on Scarlett Runner are still ahead, with Ginan skippered by Cam Mckenzie and Nigel Jones having made significant ground throughout the morning and now only trailing the race for line honors by a small margin. With the drop in winds, various race strategies are being implemented with crews trying multiple tactics to catch the smallest of breeze. Extasea hugs the coastline in third place alongside multihull Peccadillo, with MRV, Arcadia, How Bizarre, Valiant, Toecutter, and Shimmer leading the rest of the pack. An interesting finish awaits!

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Photo: Luke McGregor, Extasea.

9.30am - Race Update 25 May 2024

With light conditions predicted early this morning, the wind has pleasingly held consistently at 12-15 knots in an East to North Easterly direction. Extasea, skippered by Paul Buchholz leads the pack alongside Rob Date on Scarlett Runner. These two monohulls are well ahead of the multihull Peccadillo skippered by Charles Meredith, with MRV, Toecutter, Belle, and Bandit in hot pursuit. The Offshore Championship battle continues with Ginan, Pegasus, and Alien neck and neck at this stage of the race. Flat conditions and improved winds filling the sails will hopefully see a fantastic race finish.

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 Photo: Nat onboard Vagabond.


6am - The Race Start Update 25 May 2024

The 71st Apollo Bay Race has got underway at 6am with the fleet starting outside the Port Phillip heads at the Canberra Wreck in a light northerly wind of 5 knots with the moon providing visibility. Ginan the J111 skippered by Cam McKenzie and Nigel Jones led the fleet at the start with Maverick, Toecutter, Extasea, Valiant and Scarlet Runner close behind. Thirty minutes in, Extasea the Cookson 50 skippered by Paul Buchholz glided by with Scarlet Runner the Carkeek 43 skippered by Rob Date now slightly ahead of Ginan. With 43 yachts starting and light winds, it will be a challenging day so check back in here for more updates or follow the fleet on Marine Traffic.


6.40 fleet shot

Photo: taken at 6.40am

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