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2024 Apollo Bay Race – Crew Reminders

If you haven’t already found them, please click here for Sailing Instructions, Notice to Competitors, Sked and Leave at home sheets. 

Photo Competition 

Let us share your journey on this epic Great Ocean Road Sail to Apollo Bay.  Join our WhatsApp group to submit your photos. You can also send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you prefer. All submissions to be in by 3pm on Sunday 26th May. Best photo wins 2 x Australian fine merino wool neck ORCV branded warmers (oooh toasty!)

Keep and eye out for the Nudies in Apollo Bay 

Boats racing to Apollo Bay will also have the chance to win some great prizes! If your crew has gone single-use water bottle free, submit a photo (with your reusable bottles) to the WhatsApp channel with the caption #cleanoceans and go in the draw to win a $100 voucher from Ronstan! 

Not so rudie nudies! Say "hi" to the Nudibranch! These fabulous creatures dot our coastlines and share our marinas, weaving a tapestry of colour through our cooler temperate waters. While visiting the Apollo bay marina you may even be lucky enough to see a Vercos Nudibanch, a local gem with striking yellow and blue markings.  

 nudi4  nudi2  nudi1  nudi3

Berthing & Harbour Soundings 

The Apollo Bay Harbour soundings taken at 24 May 2024 can be found here.

These boats have sent booking forms to the Port of Apollo Bay team  

  • Bacardi 
  • Kioni 
  • Alien 
  • Quixotic 
  • Astral 
  • Peccadillo 
  • White Spirit 
  • Joan Lorraine 
  • French Bred 
  • Cadibarra 
  • Shimmer 
  • Merlion 
  • Skullduggery 
  • Another Chapter 
  • Faster Forward 
  • Xenia 
  • True Colours 
  • Streetcar 

There is limited berthing and you will need to raft, please bring fenders etc.  Jesse Morrow is the duty officer on duty, please reach out to him to make arrangements access for the main breakwater on 0418 320441.  We have been asked for crews to consult the soundings above over calling Jesse and if you are in doubt about your ability to safely navigate the entrance with tide and depth, it’s best not to enter.  Please pay Jesse upon arrival (eftpos only) to arrange your key access from the marina and to the showers.


Will be at the Great Ocean Road Brewhouse, time to be confirmed by the Race Director via SMS.  Please book your own tables for dinner.


See you in Apollo Bay  

Andrew Middleton 
Apollo Bay Event Champion 


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