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Steb Fisher

What you need

As this course is mostly about electronic navigation you will need a navigation system that you can use while completing the course. We recommend that you use the Navionics Boating app. It is easier to use on a tablet but the tablet must have a GPS.  The more modern tablet has a better battery which is important as the app uses a lot of power.

Course Material

ORCV 2023 Fundamental QUIZ

2023Fundimental Navigation Student notes

2023 Fundimental Navigation Students Notes Session 2


You will need your own electronic navigation software package 

Navionics available on smartphones and Tablets

It is available free for 2 weeks and then for $39.99 per year

Creating a route in Navionics

Creating a Waypoint in Navionics

Create a route using Waypoints in Navionics

Calculating tidal heights practical boating MBM

Chart Symbols Explained

List of Lights

Navigation-related videos

Summary of Navigation marks


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