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Boxing Day Dash - 26/12/10

NOR and online entry now live.


The Boxing Day Dash is available for these new divisions - Trailable, Classics, Cruising and Sportboats, as well as the traditional Racing classes.

You would know it in the past as the Cock of the Bay, but these days SPAM filters and the like just don't tolerate that sort of language. My how things change...

At any rate, traditionally, just over 100 boats square up on the one line at Port Melbourne on Boxing Day morning for the annual dash to our wonderful hosts at the Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron. Last year it was just that - a dash - and the result was that the RP penned, Composites Constructions 52, known as Scarlet Runner took 10 minutes off the old record, which in turn had been set by a VO60 called Merit. Worst part of it all was that her owner, Rob Date, dd not even get to drive. He was busy with Wild Thing at the time. Toyota Hilux or what!!!

For the 2010 Boxing Day Dash, the Committee are very pleased to announce a Trailable, Sportsboat, Cruising and Classics Divisions. The exact framework of the latter is being developed in conjunction Peter Lloyd of the Classic Yacht Association of Australia, so we'll keep you posted, but it simply is a wonderful opportunity to showcase these magnificent vessels.

As to the former, well in the right conditions T8s or the like would be keen to give it all a shake and wouldn't that be something! If you are a little slower than that, then you can join the traditional Division Three vessels and finish at the delightful Mornington Yacht Club.

The main thing for everyone is to let us know if you are interested, so we can devise a race plan that incorporates you. By the time the SIs arrive, you will have the complete picture of how you can be involved in the best thing to do on Boxing Day.

Click HERE for the NOR


Click HERE to go and enter online for all of the following divisions:

• Racing
• Cruising
• Trailable
• Sportboats
• Classics

Click HERE to see who's going in the Racing Division.

Click HERE to see who's going in the Cruising Division.

Click HERE to see who's going in the Trailable Division.

Click HERE to see who's going in the Sportboats Division.

Click HERE for the all important party time info!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Of course, one has to wonder who will be out to play this year? The new Gusto, the former Open 60 (presently the MBD penned vessel is 66) and best known as Xena (or Magna Data), is around and is an M2HW starter. Of course, the Division Zero boats have been talking about ganging together and doing the Westcoaster, thereby having a red hot go at Shortwave's record (she's a Judel Vrolijk penned TP52). Who knows... but we may not hold our breath, eh!


Above: Scarlet Runner stormed over the finish line at BYS.

Below: Dave Eichmeyer got the great job of driving the very comfortable sled on the day.



By John Curnow








Melbourne to Launceston - 27/12/10

New NOR and SIs for Australia's oldest ocean race.


The Sailing Committee are delighted to be offering the 103rd instalment of Australia's oldest ocean race, the famous Melbourne to Launceston event, which starts on December 27, 2010.

Melbourne to Launceston - M2L


Click HERE for the 2010 Rudder Cup Series NOR (version 1.20, valid as of 16/12/10),

Click HERE for the 2010 M2L SIs (version 1.00, valid as of 16/12/10),

Click HERE to go and enter the M2L Racing Division.

Click HERE to see who's going in the Racing Division

NB. When it's time to go, you must have also complete and return you Safety Declaration forms, which are HERE


You can also read a little more about it all HERE. If you would like to have your family and friends see you off from Portsea in style, then perhaps you need to look at a trip on 'Out to Lunch', which you can read about HERE.

It really is a great race and you get to be part of the fun that is the Boxing Day Dash and also the offshore start on December 27. Once in Tassie, there's more food, wine and countryside than you'll be able to take in, but what a nice problem to have!

Below are some images of our where our hosts, the Tamar Yacht Club, are located. Pretty good, huh?!






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Below is the harbour at the very

aptly named, Beauty Point.

Below is the Rudder Cup,

awarded to winner in the racing

division - 103 years old in 2010!!!

Below is the Tamar Yacht Club

who are our hosts.


Lovely spot - the TYC



The Tamar Yacht Club's

new clubhouse.


Melbourne to King Island (M2KI) 12/03/11

Pre-Race Advice


The annual Labour Day Weekend in March race, that marks the return to Offshore fun, is the all good to go, so lock it in Eddie. Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions coming soon. Please return to get them when the headline changes.

M2KI is all about steak sandwiches and plastic bag raffles! Of course, the latter may well contain a large crayfish... Oh Yeah. There's a little jaunt across The Paddock involved, as well.

2009cape_wickham500 YouWannaDoWhat

Cape Wickham Lighthouse at the top of King island and one of the things KI is famous for...

Click HERE to get the 2011 M2KI NOR.


Click HERE to go and enter online now.


Click HERE to get the 2010 M2KI SIs.

Click HERE to get the 2010 M2KI Sked Sheets

Click HERE for Leave at home document.

By John Curnow

Grassy m2ki-ki

Melbourne to Port Fairy (M2PF) 22/04/11

Pre-race Advice.


The annual Easter time race, is set for another year, so have the family warned and the gear packed. Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions coming soon. Please return to get them when the headline changes.

M2PF is all about frustrating weather, one of the world's most idyllic locations and the Good Friday Appeal for the Royal Children's Hospital. Get set to get around Cape Otway one more time... and that amazingly early starting hour.


Did someone say lovely? Oh yeah. It was probably me. Again...


Click HERE for the NOR - and...


Click HERE to go and enter online now


Click HERE for the 2011 M2PF SIs


Click HERE for the 2011 M2PF Sked Sheet


Click HERE for Leave at Home Information

Click HERE for Queenscliff Berthing Arrangements.



By John Curnow

m2pf map2

Melbourne to Apollo Bay (M2AB) 14/05/11

Pre-Race Advice.


This is the last race of the season. Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions will be available when the headline changes.

2009 m2abapollo-bay-picturesque



Many moons ago (OK. Many, many), this was how 'Supertramp' made her grand entrance over the bombora at the entrance to Apollo Bay. Don't worry. It looks worse than it really was and all the safety procedures, like storm boards etc, were already completed. This image was take by John Giest off Ruthless, who were already in the harbour. Geoff Henderson's Rumbeat came in after Supertramp and then the Harbour Master closed the port. If the swell is running, you'll return straight home, so don't think it is some weird initiation ritual...

What a perfect way to finish the season - compulsory inclusion in the Dash Back Series!


Click HERE for the NOR


Click HERE for the SIs

Click HERE for Radio Sked Sheets


Click HERE for Leave at Home Document



By John Curnow




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