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Steb Fisher

ORCV Melbourne to Launceston (M2L on 27/12/10)

The cat's out of the bag.

Yep. No hiding this one. As of - wait for it - NOW!

The ORCV is very much delighted to offer a Cruising Division for this year's M2L. Yes. The oldest ocean race in the land and fifth in the world is now available to you, the sailor more focussed on the quality of your overall experience.


You could be out there amongst the starters, not looking at them from the pier!

For sure it is a Cat2 event, so your boat and crew will need to be compliant, but the ORCV can assist with SSSC, Rip Tour, the Melbourne Latitude Series for some mentoring/training, as well as liferaft/PLB hiring details etc. Here's one of the best bits, however. No HF required. It will be sat phone and VHF, so there's a massive saving, right there thank you very much!

Now think about it. Cheese and wine or wine and cheese? No matter. The Tamar Valley is famous for both and then there's the rest of Northern Tassie with all it's food and a whole swag of islands to factor in to your Xmas vacation. Cool, eh?


The Tamar Yacht Club will be your host at the end of the race and below is the sunset version...


Now if that is not going to give you something to talk about with the crew on the way to Geelong this weekend, then clearly I have had far too much of the wine and cheese myself!!!

Come back soon, we're bound to have more to say, soon enough... Or call the office now and start asking questions of Sally or Tanya.



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Below is the Rudder Cup,

awarded to winner in the racing

division - 103 years old in 2010!!!






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