2015 Double Handed Race- A hive of activity

There has been  a hive of activity this week around the Double Handed Race on Sunday. We have a fleet of 18 boats and lots of interest in the Teams Trophy event with Sandringham nominating a second team.

 With the addition of Absolut to the fleet overnight, perhaps we could see RYCV join the competition? There is still time to join the fun. Click HERE.

Whatever the weather, the competiton is looking hot. For a full list of competitors, click HERE.

Alchemist     Belle       Cartouche    
Bandit     Dark Energy      Jayhawk        
More Noise     Wildside No Fearr 



Sunday, 01 May 2022 14:44

Team and Winners from Double Handed Race Affirmative Action, the overall winner on the Double Handed race today and the Nameless Team comprising...