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RMS Cole Walker win the Rudder Cup - Read all about it

Congratulations to all those that entered and participated in this year's Rudder Cup.  A big thank you also to all those you volunteered their time to support getting the race up and onto the water so quickly after we came out of lockdown and thank you to Mersey Yacht Club and all their volunteers for hosting us on arrival.

Results can be found here https://www.orcv.org.au/results/2020-21/2020M2D/series.htm?ty=21625

Congradulations to RMS Cole Walker who won the Rudder Cup (based on 1st on AMS)

AMS 1. RMS Cole Walker, 2. Patriot. 3.Joker on Tourer
IRC 1. RMS Cole Walker  2. Patriot  3. How Bizarre
PHS 1 Summer's Lease 2 RMS Cole Walker. 3 Patriot
4+ Autohelm 1 Summer's Lease 2. Lord Jiminy
Double Handed 1. Joker of Tourer
ORCc 1. RMS Cole Walker

For interest, read The Australian account of the race here https://www.theaustralian.com.au/sport/smallest-yacht-the-biggest-winner-in-melbourne-to-devonport-yacht-race/news-story/93460d9f52519ecca1c509f65d334cc4

RMS crossing the finish Photo Richard Colbeck

RMS Crossing the Line Photo Senator Richard Colbeck

Saturday, 29 October 2022 21:43

Record numbers for Australia’s oldest yacht race   A change of start date and the large numbers taking part in the Ocean Racing Club of Victoria’s (ORCV) 50th Melbourne to Hobart Yacht Race (Westcoaster) has prompted record numbers for the Club’s annual Melbourne to Devonport Race - or ‘Rudder Cup’ as it famously known. Paul Buchholz at the helm of Extasea Steb Fisher pic Rudder Cup Starting on Friday 28 October at 4pm local time, the ORCV made the decision to move the Rudder Cup’s start date to honour its history and let it stand out from the 50th Westcoaster. In doing so, it...

Thursday, 27 October 2022 18:06

How to Qualify For Hobart The ORCV Race Committee made the difficult decision to cancel this weekend's Melbourne to Devonport race as a matter of safety due to the forecast of gales and 3-5-metre waves in Bass Strait for the race and days following, making returning to Melbourne difficult. We know there’s been a lot of planning and preparation by skippers and crews for this race.  For the boats entered in this year's Melbourne to Hobart race, please see the NTC5 for your options for how to complete your qualifying passage.  We invite your boat to join the West Offshore Products...

Wednesday, 29 December 2021 13:26

  Female Dominated Crew Take The Rudder Cup  The smallest boat Vertigo wins the Melbourne to Devonport yacht race  Royal Yacht Club of Victoria will be cheering for one of their own this morning.  Tim Olding’s Summit 35 Vertigo floated over the finish line in Devonport at 05:08 this morning to take possession of The Rudder Cup. The smallest boat in the fleet with a crew of six, four of them female, managed through good tactics and excellent light weather sailing skills to beat double handed sailors Brian Pattinson and his son Tristan on Jones 42 yacht Gusto Solo by...

Tuesday, 28 December 2021 14:54

  Melbourne to Devonport race fleet becalmed in Bass Strait If you learn to sail in dinghies as a child, you inevitably have some ingrained skills.  One of those is being taught to sail in light breeze.  The skill here is to be so gentle with your movements we talk about being like a cat, slinking like a cat, moving like a cat, light like a cat.  This is exactly what is required by this Devonport fleet now in the middle of Bass Strait., as they wallow with little or no breeze. Vertigo crew member Rain Forbes will be reminded today to "slink like a cat"  Photo...

Wednesday, 12 May 2021 13:24

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