Useful Links and Information.

Australian Sailing Special Regulations

Cat 3 Equipment Audit form

(You'll need this to prepare for the Overnight Challenge and Latitude Ocean Event)

Adventure safety - A gear guide

BTB Mentor Role description

BTB Skipper and Mentor session slides


Sample procedures documents

(please read through)

pdf Generic procedures document by John Chatham

pdf Generic procedures from Wild Side


Videos worth a look

Man overboard recovery during Clipper race

MOB recovery under spinnaker

Shorthanded MOB - Deploying a Lifesling

Retrieval practice.


Radio related links

AMSA Beacon Registration

VHF Radio Operators Handbook

VHF Repeater Network (Vic only)

VHF Repeater Network (SE Aus & Tas)

HF weather fax software for the iPad and Android

Sailmail service information


HF Radio recordings

(please listen to a sample of each)

Weather warnings                        weather warning

Ocean Weather Forecast             Ocean Forecast VMC

NSW and Vic Coastal Forecast     Coastal Forecast

Station Identifier                         VMC Indentification anouncement


Navigation related videos

(Worth a look)

Good Summary of Navigation marks

Plotting your position

Determining bearing using a parallel ruler

Determining bearing using navigators tool

Determining distance

Taking a compass bearing (to a landmark)

Plotting back bearings on a chart (to determine position)

Hand compass bearings – for back bearing

Backbearings – plot on chart your position

Navigation marks overview


Weather links

GRIB files explained

The action of Tides video

Bureau of Meteorology: Tides

Bureau of Meteorology: Wind Vector Model

Bureau of Meteorology: MetEye Forecast -select wind and location

Bureau of Metoerology: Coastal Text Observations

Baywinds Graphical Observations


Crash test boat series of videos from Yachting Monthly!

Through Hull Fitting Failure

Hole in Boat Part 1

Hole in Boat Part 2


Jury Rig