Future Courses

There are a number of other courses we have have ran in the past, and may run again in the future. 

Offshore Racing First Aid Supplement

The ORCV has concluded that competing for delivery of basic first aid courses was not viable and is instead taking a more pragmatic approach through the provision of supplementary training focused on offshore sailing.  With some content similar to that provided in long distance sailing seminars, the course will cover:

  • First aid kit contents and medication guide
  • Administration of medication both orally and injectable
  • First Aid Documentation
  • Seeking radio based medical support
  • Advanced Wound Management
  • Limb, torso and spine stabilisation
  • Airway Management
  • How to manage Respiratory Distress
  • Hyper/Hypothermia
  • Dental care

Practical Radio Supplement

For most ocean races, one (sometimes two) licenced radio operators are required.  While the Marine Radio Operator Certificate of Proficiency (MROCP) requires an understanding of radio theory and legislative requirements, it does not require a holder to have any practical experience.  This half day practical radio supplement course provides hands on experience, as well as covering emerging radio technologies such as DSC and AIS.  Having run a similar course for Beyond the Bay, the half day course will cover:

  • Basic radio theory and voice based MAYDAY and PAN PAN practice
  • Radio van "show & tell", equipment focused but includes tuning into weather forecasts and talking to a remote station
  • Simulator based DSC send and receive, plus AIS overview
  • Structured Communications - Voice, fax and data including HF weatherfax and a practice hands on radio sked