Category 2 Racing: Transition for Skippers


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  • Date: TBC. Course work component of program
  • Location: ORCV, 3 Aquatic Drive, Albert Park, Vic 3206



Competing in a Category 2 ocean yacht race for the first time can be daunting for owners and skippers who will need to address a range of certification requirements in areas where they may have little prior experience. This program has therefore been developed to assist experienced skippers make the transition from active Bay Sailing to Category 2 Ocean Racing such that, with suitable effort, they are in a position to participate in the ORCV's next season of Offshore races.

The program includes a half-day session which reviews Category 2 racing requirements including practical advice on how those requirements are best met. This course will assist active boat owners to navigate through eligibility and entry requirements, including:

  • Australian Sailing Special Regulations for Category 2 races, including Stability, Safety Equipment
  • Online Entry, including Offshore Boat Register, Crew Builder
  • Crew Experience and Training

Ongoing advice and support is offered, focused on the practicalities of some of the more technical areas such as construction standards and yacht stability certification. Briefing notes will be provided at the conclusion of the formal session.


The course will describe the ORCV’s boat and crew requirements for entry acceptance in a Category 2 Ocean Race, provide information on where to get advice and support to meet those requirements, and initiates the development of plans to reach Category 2 standards by the start of the upcoming season in October.


This is a select program designed to meet the needs of active and experienced skippers who wish to upgrade their boats and crews with the intention of entering Category 2 ocean races in the upcoming summer ocean racing season. The ORCV recognises that some skippers may also wish to involve a second experienced member of their crew in the program.

Skippers seeking clarification of their eligibility to participate in this training program should contact Justin Brenan by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Category 2 Racing Transition for Skippers Content

Owners who have completed the course will:

  • Be briefed on ORCV offshore sailing program.
  • Gain understanding of the conditions they can expect to experience when participating in ORCV’s Category 2 races. (i.e. what they need to prepare for).
  • Gain practical insight to key “fit for purpose” issues as they relate to their boat and its equipment.
  • Receive documentation setting out ORCV’s requirements for Category 2 races including:
    • additional equipment requirements which would not normally be carried on Category 5N racing boats.
    • Crew qualifications and training.
  • Receive specific advice covering select requirements where compliance is not an easy/self-evident matter. (The list says you need rockets…. Ok buy them in a shop… but some things are not quite so easy). Discussion of the trickier areas will cover what is involved, indicative costs, suppliers…. in areas including:
    • Communications equipment (radio or satellite phone);
    • Stability - What's involved in getting the necessary certification. Who to contact.
    • Scantings, ABS, and other miscellaneous paperwork.
    • Insurance. ORCV requirements, options, and insurer’s requirements.
  • Be briefed on other certification requirements (Crew Safety & Sea Survival, Radio Operators, First Aid) and available training courses.
  • Be offered defined levels of ongoing support
    • Preliminary review of boat, preferably before start of course.
    • Access to a “go to person” for advice on technical matters - Stability, communications, and miscellaneous areas where experience counts (e.g. how do I arrange compliant hatch closing? emergency steering?)


$100.  Participants completing this course will receive a 50% discount on their base entry fee for the next Melbourne to Stanley ocean yacht race.

What to Bring

  • An electronic (not on smart phone) or printed copy of the Australian Sailing Special Regulations Part 1 (Blue book) 2017-22 which may be found here.
  • Writing equipment and paper pad


Very experienced ORCV offshore skippers.

More Information

Australian Sailing Special Regulations and Maritime Safety Victoria Boating Requirements

ORCV Race Documents and Forms

Instruction Videos for assistance in using various features of the TES online entry system for offshore races

For general queries, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  Questions relating specically to course eligibility should be directed to Justin Brenan by email  (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) leaving a contact phone number.