Navigator Courses (Online)


The role of the navigator today is vastly different to years past and, this is mainly because of the availability of modern technologies such as weather information, better instruments, and electronic charting, etc. The practical navigator course explores these technologies in relation to both time proven navigational practices and the demands of the modern skipper for more detailed information.

Your experience ORCV Skippers and Navigators will lead you on the background and theory using interactive and practical examples with the following courses

Fundamental Navigation
Intermediate Navigation
Expedition Software - Let's get started
Expedition Software, You've got the basics, what's next?

Once you've mastered the basics of navigation including Expedition Software, join Will Oxley for his Masterclass.  Will is an experienced navigator with a demonstrated history of success in Grand Prix yacht racing. Skilled in sailing, navigation, data analysis, weather routing, coaching/training and has authored two books on navigation.

Masterclass of Navigation with Will Oxley

All courses run online and are suited to Ocean Racers, Cruisers, Motor Boats, Skippers and Crew.

Will Oxley Photo Amory Ross

Will Oxley Photo Credit Amory Ross

Expedition – let's get started Course

This is a course we will give you a good grounding with Expedition. Primarily we will be looking at setting up a route within Expedition and methods of checking the safety of the course. We will be looking at various chart options and how to set them up to best suit you, demonstrate the use of marks and race notes for both navigation/route planning as well as identifying dangers to avoid. And then, how to manage them on an on-going basis.

We then move onto setting up your boat details to take advantage of the incredibly powerful weather routing capabilities within Expedition then finally walk through creating weather routes for your race so you best take advantage of the weather forecasts and includes:

  • Setting & managing marks & routes
  • Creating Race notes
  • Working with charts
  • Your boat polars and sail charts
  • Working with weather and weather routing

Pre-requisites for this course:  there are no pre-requisites apart although it is highly recommended you have installed the latest version of Expedition Software.

Course Dates:  1 Night, Thursday 29th October 2020, 6 - 9pm

Cost:  Non ORCV Members $149 per person, ORCV Members $126.65 (plus 50c booking fee)

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Expedition – you've got the basics, what’s next?

In this course we consolidate your learning from the Basics class, then move on to using wave and current grib files and modifying these to gain more insight into the routing options. We also cover georeferencing current and weather images and overlaying gribs onto these. This course focuses on the mechanics of doing these things. It is the ORCV Navigation Masterclass that focuses on how to interpret these data. We are running this course because, until you understand and can competently and consistently repeat the steps to produce the required output, you will not be able to take full advantage of what the MasterClass has to offer.

So, if georeferencing IMOS charts, overlaying weather gribs onto synoptic charts or using wave polars in your weather routing is new for you, then you need to do this course.  In this course you will learn:

  • How to work with different weather options to create weather routes
  • Working with wave polars & wave gribs
  • Analysing winds, current & MSLP
  • Working with georeferencing weather images and pre-set images

Pre-requisites include,  A good degree of competency in Expedition.  You should be able to create a safe route, set boat polars and sail charts.  If you do not have this knowledge or are unsure, please book into the first course, "Expedition, let's get started" 

Course Date:  1 Night, Thursday 5 November 2020, 7 - 9pm

Book for the course here(via the secure services of TryBooking)

Cost:  Non ORCV Members $149 per person, ORCV Members $126.65 (plus 50c booking fee)


Masterclass of Navigation with Will Oxley Course Includes

  • Race Planning
  • Tactical Boat Positioning
  • Evaluating GRIB data
  • What if’s
  • Communication

Pre-requisites for the Masterclass with Will Oxley include, 

  • experience offshore navigation experience, 
  • detailed knowledge and understanding of using Expedition Software, 
  • Understanding also of tactical skills

Course Dates:  3 Nights,  Monday 9, Wednesday 11 November 6.30 - 9pm  and Monday 16 (Q&A) November 6.30 - 8.30

Book for the Masterclass Course here (via the secure services of TryBooking)

Cost:  $399 includes 7 hours masterclass with Will Oxley (ORCV members $339.15)


Fundamental Navigation Course Includes

  • Understanding the basics of Navigation
  • Where am I?
  • Communicating a position
  • Planning a passage
  • Recognising risks


  • Knowledge of how to use your own boat software.
  • It would be good to be competent in Navionics or similar software.

Fundamental Course Dates:  

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Cost:  ORCV Members TBC  (plus 50c booking fee)

Intermediate Navigation Course Includes

  • Race/passage planning
  • Communications – crew, race control
  • Boat data / instruments
  • Tides & currents
  • Record keeping 


  • Knowledge of how to use your own boat software.
  • It would be good to be competent in Navionics or similar software.
  • Understanding of the basics of navigation
  • Intermediate Course Dates: 

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Cost:  ORCV Members TBC (plus 50c booking fee)