Melbourne to King Island Ocean Yacht Race


Race Organising Authority

The Ocean Racing Club of Victoria Inc is the Organising Authority for the race.

Host Club at the Finish

The King Island Boat Club is the host club in Grassy, Tasmania, the destination of the race.  

Yacht Trackers

As part of the ORCV's ongoing continuing improvements, Satellite Yacht Trackers are being used for all major events. The Trackers obtain a position using the GPS satellites and are set to transmit position updates at an interval that makes sense for the duration of the race. Yacht positions are then plotted on the race Yacht Tracker map. The Yacht Tracker map will automatically update whenever a new position report is received.

The new ORCV inReach Satellite Trackers from Delorme and the web interface Yacht Tracker map, developed by ORCV Member Grant Dunoon from, was first tested during the 2015 Melbourne to Stanley yacht race. Further development and improvements to the Yacht Tracker have been made for each event since and are continuing.

Marine Radio

  • Kordia/Charleville Radio will be conducting mandatory position reporting schedules for the fleet and monitoring the HF race frequencies during the race.
  • Smithton Radio provide marine radio support for the fleet

Weather Forecasting

Start and Course laying boats

Berthing in Grassy

King Island Boat Club provide mooring assistance in Grassy Harbour.

Yachting Associations