Double Handed & Teams Trophy Result

Congratulations to James Russell / Ralph White of SURPRISE SM63 (Div 1 winners) and Peter McFarlane of LOCH SLOIDH 2 (R488) (Division 2 Winner) in today's Double Handed Bay & Teams Race. This year saw a record number of double-handed entries from across the bay with a number deciding on the day that today's weather wasn't for them. We had 2 courses for Division 1 and Division 2. 3 Cheers for those who raced.

Provisional Results are:
AMS Division 1
  • 1st SURPRISE SM63 Skippers James Russell/Ralph White,
  • 2nd EXECUTIVE DECISION R1121 Skippers (Ben Frenchville/James Paterson,
  • 3rd MRV SYD5 Skipper (Damien King)
AMS Division 2
  • 1st LOCH SLOIDH 2 Skipper Peter McFarlane
  • 2nd NOTHING TOO SERIOUS, Skippers Chris Arnold / Pat Archer
ORC Division 1
  • 1st SURPRISE
  • 3rd MRV
ORC Division 2
  • 1st REFLECTION H381 skipper Jim Scott
  • 2nd LOCH SLOIDH 2
  • 3rd ROZINANTE II R458 Skipper Andrew Middleton
PHS Division 1
  • 1st SURPRISE
  • 2nd JOKER X2 M133 Skippers Grant Chipperfield / Peter Dowdney
PHS Division 2
  • 1st LOCH SLOIDH 2
  • 2nd NOTHING TOO SERIOUS B673 Skippers Chris Arnold / Pat Archer
  • 3rd ROZINANTE 11
There were insufficient starters on each team to provide a team's result this year.

Team and Winners from Double Handed Race

Affirmative Action smaller

Affirmative Action, the overall winner on the Double Handed race today and the Nameless Team comprising of Affirmative Action, Executive Decision and Salamander 3 who take out the Entire Teams Trophy.

Congratulations to the 21 entrants in today's ORCV Double Handed race with the results being:
1st Affirmative Action
2nd Vagabond
3rd Executive Decision
1st Affirmative Action
2nd Executive Decision
3rd Eureka
Entire Teams Trophy Winners
1st Team "Nameless" comprising of Affirmative Action, Executive Decision and Salamander 3.
2nd Team SYC 1 team of Eureka, Ragnar, Sundowner and Maverick.
3rd Team RYCV team of Rozinante 11, Silver Cloud, Godzilla
For full results click here
Thank you also to RBYC today for their assistance.
Team Scores were:
Nameless 7 points
SYC team 1 17 Points
RYCV  27 points
The Others 31 points
SYC team 2 34 points

Sunfish sighting reported in the ORCV Carnival of Short-Handed sailing race

The passion for short-handed sailing is well alive in Melbourne sailing scene with James Russell on his Adams 10 yacht, Surprise (SM63) being crowned overall winner in the Ocean Racing Club of Victoria (ORCV) Carnival of Short-Handed Sailing.

With a revised course and allowing both double handed and 4+ autohelm boats to compete individually and also in teams, brought thirty-three entrants to the start line on a glorious Autumn day in Melbourne.

Cadibarra 8 in the lead all the way Photo ORCV Media

Cadibarra 8 in the lead all the way.  Photo ORCV Media

With a light westerly breeze of 8 – 10 knots and clear skies, Paul Roberts, Jones 42 ‘Cadibarra 8’ (SM420) lead the fleet through the first gate and held this lead taking line honours, just over two minutes ahead of Alex Toomey’s, Sayers 12 ‘Ryujin’ (1570).

“We are getting better at the double handed sailing” explained Alex Toomey from Ryujin "It truly was a carnival out on the water with such a large fleet of double handed sailors supporting the race.” "It was amazing to be out the back in the spoil ground and drifting with two other skippers who had all competed against Ryujin in the epic 2007 Melbourne to Osaka double handed race and able to have conversations across the water about the great double handed Osaka race.”

Somewhere around leg two and one and half hours into the race, the race management heard the murmurs from those “parked” just off Sandringham Yacht Club not going anywhere that maybe the “golf course looked like a better option for the afternoon” before Tevake II made the first call after being hit by a “sunfish” and needing to check out their boat back in the marina.

Conditions were perfect for the lighter faster racing yachts as demonstrated by James Russell, skipper of Surprise. With boats able to win the race based on their individual result or competing for the Entire Teams Trophy urged many to continue in their search for wind to finish and winning in the team trophy.

Surprise at the finish

Surprise take the finish Photo ORCV Media

“With so many boats, we knew the pin end was going to be popular at the start so we headed to the less popular boat end.” explained James. “The other Adams 10 yachts had a better start and rounded the first gate well before us. “With each leg, saw our main competitors Executive Decision and Salamander III duel for the lead. The decision to sail further west when reaching the spoil ground paid off, finding that extra wind which pushed us to the finish.”

James last won this race in 2000 together with co skipper Ralph and went on to say "he was chuffed with the win and had done this without water ballast, auto pilot, electric winches, and instruments (due to a flat battery) and achieving this great result in a near zero carbon day.”

As with all ORCV offshore and inshore races, you can win the trophy sailing short-handed. The 68th Apollo Bay race on May 22nd is shaping up to be another big one with a record fleet size of 40 entries including a number of short-handed entrants. Entries are still open via the ORCV website.

Carnival of Short-Handed Sailing Race Results:

AMS 1. Surprise 2. Godzilla. 3. Affirmative Action
IRC 1. Executive Decision 2. Salamander III 3. RMS Cole Walker
ORCC 1. Surprise 2. RMS Cole Walker 3. Cadibarra 8
PHS 1 Surprise. 2. Godzilla. 3 Executive Decision
Line Honours (Double Handed) Cadibarra 8, (4+Autohelm) Vertigo

Entire Teams Trophy. 1 SYC1 RMS Cole Walker, Xenia, Maverick & Alex Team MacArdie) 2 Bow Movement Angry Penguins 3. SYC 2

Special prize for Maverick, being longest time out on the water.

Full results for the day can be found here

Thank you also Royal Brighton Yacht Club for the starting assistance too

Reminders - Carnival of Short Handed Sailing

We'd like to crown the winners and come together at the end of the event.  

RBYC has kindly made some berths available for you to use.  Please tie up in a berth closest to your boat size (see berth list and map below), then SMS the Race Director on 0418 396 605 so we can ensure someone comes down to let you through the gate on the pier.  RBYC has asked that you observe the "keep off" signs on the pier and not step on these sections.

The silverware will be polished for the winning team to be awarded and the beer cold and waiting for your arrival.  A great time to join together after a day out on the water.

Lastly, we'd like you to take a selfie of yourselves prior to racing and email them through to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or through to whatsapp via this link

Don't forget to send your team nominations to Vanessa at the ORCV office by lunchtime on Friday via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. So far we have the following teams:

Angry Penguins - Ca Bouge, Ryujin, Lord Jiminy, Next Step
SYC Team 1 - RMS Cole Walker, Maverick, Xenia, Alex - Team MacAdie
SYC Team 2 - Cadibarra 8, Ragnar, 2 Up
Bow Movement - Le Cascadeur, Joker of Tourer, Salamander III, Executive Decision

See you at the end.

RBYC Marina Berths ( image marina map click here (198 KB) )

  • W05, W06 (13m)
  • 101, 103, 104 (12m)
  • T End 133 & 136 (12m)
  • T End 439 & 444 (10m)
  • 519, 501 (15m)
  • Call if you need an alternative size.

Tim & Delma
ORCV Media

Teams are back in the Carnival of Short Handed Sailing

Teams are back by popular request to the Carnival of Short Handed Sailing - May 8th.

Teams of 4 yachts can come from any grouping, ie same boat design, friends, all females or from your home club. You will be competing for the Double-Handed Perpetual Teams Trophy (donated by Entire) which will be awarded to the team of yachts with the lowest total score calculated from AMS, ORCc, IRC or PHS handicap categories. Results from any racing division may count, although yachts entered in multiple divisions may only count one result. Teams may consist of up to four yachts with the best three results to count.

In 2019, Ryan and Leo were overall winners (based on AMS) and also part of the team "Breaking Wind" made up of boats across clubs. Check out the amended NOR and Sailing Instructions and have your teams in by 12 noon Friday 7th May to the ORCV office. The Carnival of Short Handed Sailing entries close Tuesday midnight.

Leo Eeckman and Ryan Blackstock with their trophy Dave Hewison Photography Double Handed Yacht Race

Leo Eeckman and Ryan Blackstock with their trophy, 2019 ORCV Double-Handed Yacht Race