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Melbourne Osaka Cup - Virtual race starts soon

The one-year-to-go BBQ was held last Saturday at SYC and was well attended by competitors and supporters alike. Special thanks to our major sponsor Sundance Marine and event sponsors Gill, Sitro Group, Rainbow Meats, Chirping Bird Wines, Lion Nathan, and Baker Boys. Gill has offered some great prizes for this race worth about $450 so it's really worth giving it a go, see their web site for their gear range. 1st Deck shoes ($200) 2nd Race dry bag ($130) 3rd Sun shirt ($80) There was a lot of interest in the upcoming virtual race. In the M2O virtual race last year we had 320 entrants f [ ... ]

Osaka one year to go BBQ

One year to go BBQ highlights Saturday night's Sundance Melbourne to Osaka Cup "One Year to Go" event was a great success.  Following a fantastic meal, George Shaw introduced the Double Handed crews who were attending, sought out past competitors (many of whom are acting as mentors on the upcoming event) and introduced members off the organising committee who will put the 2018 event together. A big thanks to a number of generous sponsors who contributed the following: Raffle prizes – GILL – OS1 offshore jacket Sitro Group – (Phil Simphandorfer) Gas mate BBQ & 3 wet bag [ ... ]

Melbourne Osaka Cup - One year to go BBQ details

One year to go - lets celebrate We made some errors previously when quoting dates for the BBQ.  It is definitely Saturday 25th March 2017 at 6pm at SYC in the off the beach area.  Sorry for the confusion. The BBQ catering is covered by some valued sponsors we will recognise in person at the event.  We are also running a raffle, hence the $10 ticket when you register. There are over $2,000 worth of prizes on offer in the raffle draw including:     A Gill OS1 jacket – donated by GILL
    Two Gas mate portable BBQs – donated by SITRO Group
  [ ... ]

Stability Index Test

Stability Index Test In all yacht racing a ‘Notice of Race’ is issued inviting entrants who have a qualifying yacht to participate, a document which includes the eligibility requirements. As a Cat1+ event, the NoR for the Melbourne Osaka Cup states as a requirement, that each yacht must have “a Stability Index of not less than 115 degrees as verified through an inclination test”. This must be conducted by a suitably qualified person. Recently a test was carried to out to establish a Stability Index for one of our race entrants Meltimi, co-skippered by couple Ian Howath and Lynn Bou [ ... ]

Melbourne Osaka Cup - One year to go celebration Sat 25th March

There is only one year to go until the first boats depart for Osaka and to celebrate your progress so far, we’ve organised a BBQ on Saturday March 25th. If you’re in Melbourne or can make it down here, you’ll enjoy great food, drink and hospitality like nowhere else but Hokko Yacht Club! We’ll gather at the SYC Off the Beach Centre and there’ll be a display of many of the Melbourne entries who’ll be moored nearby.  Some very generous sponsors have provided everything we need for the night including some amazing prizes that will be drawn in a raffle. All we ask is that each  [ ... ]

M2O Major naming rights sponsor announced

Principal Event Sponsor announced for the
2018 Sundance Marine Melbourne to Osaka yacht race. Sundance Marine has been confirmed as the Principle Event and Naming Rights sponsor for the 2018 Sundance Marine Melbourne to Osaka Yacht Race. It is fantastic news for the race, which through partnerships such as the one with Sundance, continues to go from strength to strength.   Press release - Major sponsor announcement For more about Sundance Marine  

How much do you Weigh?

    The Melbourne to Osaka Double Handed event uses both the AMS & IRC systems in calculating the handicap for it's competitiors. In order to establish an accurate rating for a boat, a number of measurements need to be taken and one of them is to establish the weight of the vessel. Boat weighing days are conducted from time to time by designated auditors and one such day was held in September at SYC in Melbourne. Three of the 2018 entrants took advantage of the day and lined up to be lifted and weighed. We were there to catch the action.

Rattle N Hum

  The annual Hamilton Island Race Week draws boats and crew together from all over the country. George and Robyn were there for the last few days of this year’s event and as you may have seen a few weeks ago, came across Ed and Rachael from 2018 M2O entry Rattle N Hum. Amongst a party atmosphere they conduced this short interview. ハミルトン アイランド レース ウィークには全国各地からヨットとクルーが来ています。ジョージとロビンは最後の数日間 ここに訪れ、2018 M2O にラトル N ハムで参戦する エドとラケルに遭 [ ... ]


PredictWind the world leader in forecasting believe that more is better, and have taken the bold step of adding government provided forecasts to their award winning forecasting software. PredictWind has always offered their proprietary PWG and PWC world leading forecasts on their site for comparison. When the forecasts are similar users can have a higher degree of confidence in forecast accuracy. Other websites commonly only use the GFS forecast model, a free forecast provided by NOAA, and simply repackage it with their own graphics. In the name of forecast accuracy, PredictWind now provide  [ ... ]