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The fleet in the Heemskirk Consolidated Melbourne to Hobart race were tonight hugging the coast as they work their way south. Lead boat, Matt Hannafords No Fearr is still five miles ahead of Jeff Otter’s Icefire with David Phillips Hasta La Vista a further five miles back. 

The fleet is spread from Sandy Cape in the South to West Cape at the northern end.  Hannaford abeam of Sandy Cape is reporting winds at 30 knots and confused swell causing uncomfortable conditions for the fleet.

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The fleet in the Heemskirk Consolidated Melbourne to Hobart Race are proceeding across Bass Strait with most of the fleet sticking to the rhumbline.


With over 400 nautical miles (n.m.) still to travel the racing between the leading yachts is very tight with Matt Hannafords No Fearr leading the way having travelled 52.7n.m.

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 If It Was Easy Anyone Could Do It.

Arguably Australia's most challenging Ocean Race, the Heemskirk Consolidated Melbourne to Hobart, the Westcoaster, is set to blast out of the heads again on the 27th December 2006.

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