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2014 Yachting Victoria Awards

Robin Hewitt - Finalist in Services to Yachting category!

In all sports we find the exceptional character, the one that inspires, or coaches, the person who achieves at a higher level than all around them or who brings a special dignity to the sport of choice. Names like Rick Charlsworth, Steve Monagetti, Tommy Hafey come to mind.
Whilst the profile of yachting, particularly at the Corinthian level may not be as high, the name that rings clearly for us is Robin Hewitt. It is a pleasure to know that Robin has been named a finalist in Yachting Victoria’s 2014 awards in the category of Service to Yachting.
Hardly any member of the ORCV community will not have been touched by Robin and his activities. For the last fifty odd years he has been contributing to ocean racing.
As a competitor it is hard to see anyone to match the sheer volume of competition he has completed. Thirty one consecutive Melbourne to Hobart races via the rugged West Coast, all in his beloved self-built yacht Yoko. You name an Ocean Race from Victoria and Robin has completed it, probably multiple times and plenty of others besides. He has twice won the gruelling Double-Handed race from Melbourne to Osaka, he was a class winner in the 2006 Melbourne to Vanuatu race and has 120 other podium finishes, genuinely too numerous to name here.
It is clear that the podium is a pleasant experience but for Robin the journey is demonstrably more important. It is estimated that he has introduced more than 3,800 crew to the sport of Ocean racing and it is a testament to his character and temperament that he has a core group that have remained with him for more than twenty years. Not for Robin is the role of fickle skipper, cherry picking crew just on ability, he has introduced the visually impaired the wheelchair bound, the elderly and most of all, the beginner, all with his quiet competent style.
He recognised early on that to be a sailor was not in itself enough. To promote the sport, to keep it safe and to grow it into the future you need to take an active role in the administration. A long term member of the ORCV committee he has held executive roles and continues as Honorary Secretary, so very necessary but not very sexy. He and wife Val have supervised for years the production of the club trophies, no small task so next time you collect a piece of glassware or silverware spare a thought for the fact that someone has taken the time to organise for it to be handed to you.
On top of all this he is a natural trainer. Any that have attended the Safety at Sea and Survival course will have heard his words of wisdom and possibly seen his demonstration of correct middle wear for the rigours of the ocean. SSSC is dependent on an array of volunteers and the real world experience of the Robin Hewitt's is invaluable to the new entrants to the sport. Robin saw a need to deal more scientifically with the passage through the infamous Port Phillip Bay heads and introduced the Rip Tour, a practical on-water tour of the rip, which he continues to run. He made himself the ORCV weather “Guru” and apart from briefing fleets he passes on his knowledge through his weather courses which have seen some 1400 graduates. Don’t let the grey hair fool you either he makes sure to stay abreast of new technologies and emerging trends so he can pass on the best information possible.
As an organisation I am sure we all would like to see Robin win this award, he frankly deserves no less, but like his sailing I suspect Robin will be happy to have been on the journey, podium finish or not.

Robin and Val on arrival in Hobart after the 2011 Westcoaster
Robin - The Winner!  2010 Port Fairy
Robin - The Trainer! Rip Tour of Port Phillip Heads
 Robin - the Winter Sereis Race Director is always aboard Thorsen

The Winner the  Services to Yachting Award will be announced at the 2014 OTB Marine Yachting Victoria Awards evening on Friday 20th June at SYC.

By Jennifer McGuigan

2014 Yachting Victoria Awards

ORCV Website and Facebook Team Nominated for Media Award

Yachting Victoria’s 2014 awards have recognised the Ocean Racing Club of Victoria Website and Facebook Team as a finalist in the category of Media and Publicity.
The ORCV is a very unique yacht club, in that exists for the purposes of conducting Ocean races, training for blue water sailing and promoting safety in all sailing activities. Whilst unencumbered by a marina or a bar, one of the challenges is that the membership is diverse and dispersed. The club is blessed with exceptional volunteers who bring their own particular skills to bear on the communication issues. We are very grateful for the assistance of all our Website and Facebook Team volunteers, which currently includes: Robert Bradley, Peter Chalkley, Janet Clarke, Simon Dryden, Matt Fahey, Steb Fisher, Donald Fraser, Rik Head, Robin Hewitt, Jennifer McGuigan, Nick McGuigan, Ian MacWilliams, Neville Rose, Ray Shaw, David Taylor, Bob Tanner, Martin Vaughan, John Weatherley and Sally Williams.

The ORCV web site is primarily used to communicate our sailing and training programs; though this activity is aimed at the existing membership, it is also available to the wider sailing community.  The web site has become a ‘Go To’ site for those seeking training and practical assistance.
During Ocean races all boats carry GPS trackers which allow the web site to display a boats location, direction, speed and current provisional placings. This combined with the strong Facebook presence allows family, friends and Media to access up to date information in real time, significantly enhancing the experience of those that are following the races. The consequence of this has seen a large increase in the reach of our events locally and internationally. The Facebook page comes alive during races with informative comments and witty remarks regularly being posted by participants, family and friends.
The addition of photos and video directly from the yachts bring the experience to a computer screen anywhere in the world. They display the joyous, the scary and the funny, sometimes embarrassing a few but informing the many.
A special Facebook page was established for the ultra long Double-Handed distance race, Melbourne to Osaka, and the success of the 2013 Osaka Facebook Page is a testament to the power of Social Media.
Whilst sailing is and will always remain a challenging spectator sport, the innovative use of GPS trackers and Social Media has brought and continues to bring the ORCV to a wider audience.

The Winner of the 2014 Yachting Victoria Media and Publicity Award will be announced at the 2014 OTB Marine Yachting Victoria Awards on Friday 20th June  at SYC.

By Jennifer McGuigan

2014 Queens Birthday Honours List. Congratulations Ian McKenzie!

Past Commodore and ORCV member , Ian MCKenzie was awarded the Order of Australia Medal in the Queens Birthday Honours List.

Ian was an active member of the ORCV, involved in the General Committee, Risk Managment and Safety Committee, Race Director for offshore events and serving as Commodore from 2002-2004.  We congratulate him on his Award.

Mr Ian Bruce McKENZIE, North Melbourne Vic 3051
For service to the visual arts as a photographer, and to the community.

Professional photographer, for over 50 years.
Proprietor, McKenzie and Associates.
Master of Photography with Bar.
Publication of a series of photographic books titled Contemporary Photographers, since 1980.

Member, Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP), since 1967.
Member, AIPP Accreditation and Membership Committee, 2011-2013.
Member, AIPP Stakeholders Group, 2007-2008 and 2010-2013.
Chairman, AIPP Commercial Group, 2005-2008 and since 2010.
Administrator, AIPP National Mentoring Program, since 2010.
Established AIPP Commercial Group, 2005.
Chairman, National Honours and Ethics Committee, 1992-1998.
Various national and state executive roles, 1971-1981.

Member, Advisory Board, Photography Studies College, since 2011.
Chairman, Photography Course Advisory Committee, RMIT, 1981-1984.
Head of Department, Prahran College of Technology, 1971-1972.
Designed photography course, Prahran College of Technology, 1969-1970.

Member of Pastoria Brigade, Country Fire Authority Victoria, since 2002.
Board Member, Victorian Foundation for Survivors of Torture, since 2006.
Member, External Affairs Committee, Foundation for Survivors of Torture, since 2007.
Member, Strategic Planning Committee, Foundation for Survivors of Torture, since 2012.
Member, Risk Management and Safety Committee, Ocean Racing Club of Victoria,
Race Director for a number of national yachting events, 2000-2007.
Committee Member, Ocean Racing Club of Victoria, 1997-2007.
Commodore, Ocean Racing Club of Victoria, 2002-2004.
Various executive positions, MG Car Club of Victoria, 2000-2007.
State Commissioner, Confederation of Australian Motor Sport, Sport and Club Development Commission, 2005-2010.

Fellow, Australian Institute of Professional Photography; Honorary Fellowship

2014 IRC Revalidations

With the 2013 IRC rating year due to wrap up at the end of May, Yachting Australia has recently posted out revalidation packs for 2014 to all boat owners with a current IRC certificate, and to those owners that were rated in 2012 and chose not to renew in 2013. The 2014 IRC rating year will commence on 1 June 2014.

Don't forget to renew your IRC certificates before the start of the ORCV Winter Series!

This year marks the 30th anniversary of IRC as a rating rule and it is expected that we will continue to see some great racing held under this measurement system in 2014. Owners should remember that any changes to the rated data on a certificate must be verified by an accredited IRC Measurer for a certificate to remain endorsed. IRC Measurers are located in all states in Australia and are available to assist owners with measurement queries and the completion of application forms.

IRC certificates for 2014 will be issued from Wednesday 21 May.

For more information on how to apply for an IRC certificate or to get in touch with an IRC Measurer, contact Yachting Australia at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

ORCV Presenting at Multihull Seminar.

Our friends at the Multihull Yacht Club of Victoria are conducting a seminar on Offshore Safety and Seamanship for Cruising and Racing Multihulls and invite you to attend on Sunday 25th May at RMYS.
The session will be presented by Gavin Le Sueur, renowned multihuill sailor and author of Multihull Seamanship.
ORCV have been invited to present at the Seminar on the training we conduct for offshore sailing.
More information pdf HERE .