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With the Apollo Bay race now done and dusted (thankfully for most since it was a slow and at times painful race!), we can now tally up the final scores for the Off-Shore Championship Trophy.

Congratulations go to Laurie Ford and the crew of the Spirt of Downunder for a great 2014-15 off-shore season. In the four races that counted, their worst result was a third which is certainly not too shabby at all!


Congratulations also to the crews of Turbulence and Yoko who kept the pressure on Spirit right to the end. Going into the Apollo Bay race, any of them could have won but Spirit kept their nerve and sailed another good race in difficult conditions to finish off the season on a high note and clinch the series.

The overall results for the top handful of boats are shown below.


R1200 SPIRIT OF DOWNUNDER Lawrence Ford   47 ABN 3 2 1 2 8
H602 TURBULENCE Eric Marsh   47 ABN 2 6 1 4 13
R186 YOKO Robin Hewitt   47 ABN 4 3 2 7 16
R6806 BLUE CHIP Ian Lewis   47 ABN 2 8 2 23 35
SM3535 WHITE NOISE Daniel Edwards   47 ABN 1 10 47 1 59
S16 ADDICTION Richard McGarvie   47 ABN 4 8 47 5 64
B10 CARTOUCHE Steven Fahey   3 ABN 1 47 47 23 74
SM4040 BANDIT Ashley Trebilcock   47 ABN 3 3 47 23 76
S390 JAZZ PLAYER Andrew Lawrence   1 ABN 47 2 47 47 97

2014-15 Overall Off-Shore Championship Results To Date

The results to date for the 2014-15 Off-Shore Championship in each of the handicap divisions have been shown on the Results page of the website for some time now. With final race of the Series this coming weekend to Apollo Bay, the interest really focuses on the overall result for the Series. The overall winner is determined by taking the best result for each boat in each of the six qualifying races (Vanuatu, Portland, any of the Christmas races to Tasmania, King Island, Port Fairy and Apollo Bay) in any of the handicap divisions. There have been 46 boats entered in at least one of these races (including Apollo Bay this weekend) in at least one of the handicap divisions so a boat that has a DNS in a race scores 47 Series points while a boat that is DNF or DSQ in a race scores points equal to the number of starters in that race plus one. The best four races count in the total score. So heading onto the final race, where do the boats stand? The top handful of boats are shown below;      


R1200 SPIRIT OF DOWNUNDER Lawrence Ford   47 ABN 3 2 1   53
R186 YOKO Robin Hewitt   47 ABN 4 3 2   56
H602 TURBULENCE Eric Marsh   47 ABN 2 6 1   56
R6806 BLUE CHIP Ian Lewis   47 ABN 2 8 2   59
S390 JAZZ PLAYER Andrew Lawrence   1 ABN 47 2 47   97
B10 CARTOUCHE Steven Fahey   3 ABN 1 47 47   98
G69 FUZZY LOGIC Gary Prestedge   47 ABN 2 4 47   100
SM4040 BANDIT Ashley Trebilcock   47 ABN 3 3 47   100

So with only six points separating the first four boats and twenty four boats racing to Apollo Bay this weekend, the Series is certainly up for grabs right now particularly given the light conditions currently being forecast! Assuming one or more of the top four boats finish the Apollo Bay Race, one of them will be the Series winner so good sailing this weekend.    

2015 April Rip Tour - CANCELLED due to bad weather

Unfortunately the Rip Tour scheduled for Sunday 19 April, 2015 has been cancelled due to sea state and other bad weather forecast.  

We will schedule another Rip Tour ASAP and notify everyone who registered to attend.

Please contact the ORCV office on 9689 1622 on Monday if you have any queries.

2015 April Rip Tour- KEEPING and EYE on the WEATHER for SUNDAY!

Our Instructors are keeping a close eye on the weather conditions for the Rip Tour on this coming Sunday 19th April 2015.
In the event that inclement weather may cause cancellation of the Tour, notification will be posted on our website and facebook page no later than 4pm on Saturday afternoon.
Please check our website and facebook page for infomation. Go to

The office will be open until 12.30pm on Friday for calls or for further enquiries, please call Robin Hewitt on 0414 719 727

TrevorHuggardCongratulations to ORCV member Trevor Huggard AM on his Member of the Order of Australia award in the 2015 Australia Day Honours list.

Most Victorian sailors will recognise Trevor as a regular ORCV race participant with YOKO since 1982 as a capable and competitive Yacht Navigator for sailing campaigns.  As a councillor Trevor was active in the Melbourne City Council and also supporting the Melbourne to Hobart Westcoast yacht race especially in connection with good friends in Tasmania and notably the Lord Mayor of Hobart and Tasmanian Government personalities.  The relationship between the two cities developed with significant organisational progress in terms of the races between the two states in subsequent years with the provision of the Melbourne City Council trophy in 1984 for the Westcoaster.

About this time Trevor was involved with the sister city relationship of Melbourne and Osaka, Japan and organisation of the Melbourne to Osaka Double-Handed yacht race celebrating the Osaka Port 120th Anniversary.  The first race in 1987 attracted nearly 100 entries of many nations. His efforts were voluntary and near full time with Japanese visitors and representations in Japan along with Melbourne City Council activities.  Victorian Government identities and agencies were also hosted by Trevor at various yachting events of new initiatives such as the Three Ports Premiers trophy in 1985 and Captain of the Melbourne City Council team in the Westcoast race of 1989.

By 1987 Melbourne’s ‘sailing Lord Mayor’ was a member of the Sovereign Series of Yacht Races committee which also included the Lord Mayor of Hobart and by 1991 became chairman of that committee responsible for the Christmas races for Victorians and neighbouring states.  He was active in promoting the Bicentennial Hobart to Sydney Tall Ships race participating with naval trainees in the crew.

Further Melbourne to Osaka yacht races have been held in 1991, 1995, 1999, 2003, and 2007, all of which he has been heavily involved with and working tirelessly with Melbourne City Council, his contacts in Japan and the yachting community.  For the 2013 Melbourne to Osaka event, Trevor liased with Melbourne City Council advising ORCV on requirements for ORCV to conduct the race in conjunction with SYC and Hokko yacht clubs.  There have been many other international events he has participated in including Melbourne to Vanuatu, Brisbane to Honiara, Capetown to Rio and Australian East Coast NSW & Queensland all the time applying his knowledge and ability with promotion and organization skills to the benefit of the yachting community.

Having just completed his 34th Melbourne to Hobart Westcoaster, a record which will surely never be surpassed.  He is currently and has for some time contributed to the community as chairman of Seaworks Maritime Precinct in Williamstown.

Biographical notes for each recipient of the Australia Day 2015 Honours List are listed on the Australian Governor General's website.  Select the "Member (AM) in the General Division of the Order of Australia (A-L)" link and scroll down to page 47.