Race Director Updates for the 2021 King Island

4pm Race Director Update

With the fleet now only hours away, our Race Directors Ryan and Matt give us a quick update with the King Island Boat Club as their backdrop.

 4pm Tracker positions

The first boats are on the leeward side of King island and should arrive around 7pm. It's going to be busy then between midnight and 2am when it's expected the bulk of the fleet will arrive in time for the famous King Island steak sandwich.

Follow the trackers for update to date positions

Racing Fleet https://race.bluewatertracks.com/2021-orcv-melbourne-to-king-island-race
Rally Fleet https://race.bluewatertracks.com/2021-rally-to-king-island

and follow us on facebook https://www.facebook.com/OceanRacingClub for more updates from on the ground volunteers and competitor posts.

8am Race Director Update

The 49th Melbourne to King Island Race got underway at 1.45am today into 14knot southerly.  Shortly after starting, Maverick with gear failure returned and Archie with steering issues retired and have returned to Sandringham with all well and safe onboard.

As predicted, the winds are starting to ease and we find Extasea leading Hartbreaker and Carrera S.  We then see Lord Jiminy, Cadibarra 8, Bandit and White Noise following in the next group.

The Rally fleet, took a decision to delay their start by 6 hours allowing the southerly to lighten, starting just after the racing fleet at 1.50am.  We have seen one retirement from the rally fleet from Solitaire who is returning to home.

Matt Fahey, one of the Race Director provides a quick 8am update below.

Thursday, 14 October 2021 12:07

ORCV Entry Compliance Declarations Completion of the following ORCV documentation is required to satisfy the conditions of entry as outlined in ORCV Notices of Race.The completion of these declarations is in addition to any documentation required by the current Australian Sailing Special Rules and Regulations. Please visit ORCV’s Skipper Support page for additional race documentation requirements and further information. Skipper's Race Entry Compliance Declaration Due to the matters covered, and unlike most of the other boat documentation, a Skipper’s Race Entry Compliance Declaration is...

Monday, 27 September 2021 16:33

Safety & Sea Survival Refresher Course Participant Information The ORCV SSSC Refresher Course is provided in two parts. Part 1 – Theory : Online Self-Paced Learning Soon after booking your course with us, you will receive an email with a link to Part 1 – Theory online so you can commence your course. Your online learning is self-paced, however you must have completed and passed the exam before attending Part 2 – Practical. An assessment paper must be passed to an 80% threshold and competencies demonstrated before the theoretical component of the course is considered...

Monday, 27 September 2021 16:00

Wesley College Information Wesley College and Classroom Location Wesley College, 577 St. Kilda Road, Melbourne. Middle School, Menzies Wing. Click here for Google Maps location pin.  Enter via the pedestrian gate situated on Moubray Street (near Gate 1 and the Bus Stop). Upon entry you will be directed to the registration area on the ground floor. Once registered, take the nearest set of stairs up to Level 1 of the Menzies Wing Classrooms are M1.01, M1.02 and possibly M1.03 on level 1. The pool is located at the Senior School. The flare shoot is conducted on the...

Thursday, 09 September 2021 11:48

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Wednesday, 17 March 2021 14:16

Study the Tactics used via the Tracker Revisiting the tracker on a recent race is a great way to learn what decisions you and others made during a race and how those decisions impacted the race outcome. Using the 2021 King Island race, Simon gives us a short review of the race and how to use the tracker effectively. You can review the King Island Race here.  Click on the boat you are interested in and move to the far RHS icon to change the colour of your boat and tracks, making it easier to stand out from the fleet.  Have you ever tried this technique?