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Barney Walker and Jade Cole’s bid to win the Rudder Cup The Victorian border is open and lockdown over, so a wide variety of boats and crews have come out of hibernation to quench their thirst for sailing – and what better way to celebrate a return to racing than with Australia’s oldest race and most historic trophy – the Rudder Cup – a pure silver trophy valued at $180,000. To start on 27...

ORCV Members and Friends TeamO Special Offer Modern lifejackets, how they have evolved! ORCV is pleased to announce our partner Adventure Safety is now selling the TeamO back tow life jackets, a jacket that is being used more and more globally in today's Ocean Races. It is the only lifejacket with integrated harness on the market with Back Tow Technology. The BackTow lifejacket is the only life...

ORCV Christmas and Holiday Racing. Entries open Have you heard our secret?  We take you places!  The ORCV holiday season events havean event to suit everyone, a bay passage race, a short coastal sprint and a longer offshore race.  You can compete double-handed, 4+autohelm or fully crewed.   December 26 - ORCV Cock of...

Good news!  ORCV starting gun is out being polished and ready to start three races before New Year! The first gun will be fired on November 21st at 7.30 am for the 55nm Category 3 West Offshore Coastal Sprint, starting near Queenscliff and finishing off Portsea Back Beach. It's a great daylight ocean race to test boat, gear and crew and will have yachts home by sunset. Currently, 21...

We're Back with a New Calendar There's a new updated ORCV Sailing Calendar is now available here.  Entries are now open for the first West Offshore Products Coastal Sprint 1 on November 21.   You can join the existing 8 entries today and pay later.  If we are required to delay due to Government regulation, we...

Planning for a Race  Article by Rod Smallman Earlier this year the ORCV asked us to provide comments in a possible race to the Pacific.  I started to imagine escaping Melbourne in winter and going somewhere warm, possibly Noumea.  I thought I'd share my thinking and planning.  I am intending on participating in this event when it's announced and, as part of my initial...

A Race is the best way to get to where the cruise begins For a race when the appointed time begins, you go whatever the weather and start time. After arrival however it is a different story, the return home can be planned for as many stops as required and to any destinations desired. The thrill of cruising is firstly ‘getting there’ and secondly ‘having a look round’, and thirdly enjoying...

  Winner - Sustainability Award   Winning this award is for all our members who showed interest and participated in their thinking about how they can reduce waste in order to protect our oceans. It's just a starting point we can continue to build upon.   Alvaro Maz, who inspired the ORCV to focus on sustainability, how we can all make a difference to keep our oceans...

Introducing Grant Dunoon - ORCV’s new Commodore                     The Ocean Racing Club of Victoria (ORCV) is pleased to announce that following the 2020 AGM, respected Victorian yachtsman Grant Dunoon, is the Club’s new Commodore. A successful businessman and yachtsman, Dunoon has a vision and plans on giving the Club a fresh...

Five Starting Tips that Contribute to Running a More Sustainable Boat To all who have a love for the environment and our oceans: "Save the ocean, protect your passion and make an impact", is the message from all of us at the ORCV. Behind every ORCV race, there is a dedicated clean oceans team paying attention to important details of keeping plastics out of the oceans. During the recent Apollo...

  Why be a Cloud Spotter Any mariner who ventures offshore will appreciate visual signs assisting the wonderful technology available for forecasting. No matter the amount of information one has, the more confirmation the less stress, keeping a weather eye out is de riguer at sea. Jet streams in the upper atmosphere can have major influences on our weather and sometimes we are lucky enough...

Upcoming Events

20/21 ORCV Cock of the Bay

Saturday, 26 Dec 2020
Time: 09:30 am - 05:00 pm
Location: Station Pier

20/21 Melbourne to Devonport (The Rudder Cup)

Sunday, 27 Dec 2020
Time: 11:15 am - 11:16 am
Location: The Heads, Port Phillip Bay

20/21 West Offshore Products Coastal Sprint Race 2

Saturday, 23 Jan 2021
Time: 09:00 am - 05:00 pm
Location: The Heads, Port Phillip Bay

Boat Beacon AIS smartphone/tablet app - Aids to Navigation

Further to our website article on the Boat Beacon AIS smartphone/tablet app, one of many benefits of Automatic Identification System (AIS), is virtual Aids to Navigation (AtoN).

For the trial of the Boat Beacon app the ORCV is conducting during the 2015 Melbourne to Port Fairy ocean yacht race, Steve Bennett the CEO of Pocket Mariner (the Boat Beacon developer) has created some virtual AtoN.  These AtoN only appear in the Boat Beacon app, not on global internet based AIS traffic sites like Marine Traffic.

To follow are some screen dumps of the Boat Beacon app that display the AtoN.  NB. The dark line on these images is an approximate rhumb line for the Melbourne to Port Fairy ocean yacht race.

BoatBeacon AtoN PortPhillipHeads Hybrid

Port Phillip Bay - Heads.  Boat Beacon Hybrid display

AtoN - Drapers Reef (starboard end of start line), ORCV Virtual Buoy, Point Lonsdale Light and Corsair Rock.

BoatBeacon AtoN PortPhillipHeads Map

Port Phillip Bay - Heads.  Boat Beacon Map display

AtoN - Drapers Reef (starboard end of start line), ORCV Virtual Buoy, Point Lonsdale Light and Corsair Rock.




BoatBeacon AtoN PortFairy Hybrid

Port Fairy finish.  Boat Beacon Hybrid display

AtoN - Nunn Buoy (port end of finish line)

BoatBeacon AtoN PortFairy Map

Port Fairy finish.  Boat Beacon Map display

AtoN - Nunn Buoy (port end of finish line)